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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we do with the doubts that we often feel that everything that we engage in is only a false illusion?

Answer: Everyone has such doubts on every level. Even if you are a great Kabbalist, you still have such doubts and even greater ones.

You feel them between the levels, in the transition between one state and another. This period is always designed in you by the Creator so that you will clarify it internally.

It is impossible to attain an external revelation before you discover that you are totally dependent, that you don’t understand anything, that you don’t know anything and don’t believe in anything, don’t feel anything and you should feel an emptiness in which you can later feel the filling. This will be a revelation; the emptiness is revealed this way at the moment.

It will not be revealed in the form of doubt since you don’t even see this world and what the wisdom of Kabbalah offers you in a practical perspective. So as a result of everything that happens, it offers you the only solution. What is more, it is absolutely logical, strong, and rational since there is nothing else in our world, even if you look at everything with the wide-open, mature, normal eyes of a scientist, a businessman, or an ordinary person.

They can say: “Yes, but I want to deal with my own business.” If you want to, then do so! Everyone plays with his own toys. On the whole, if we speak about the fact that we can change ourselves and our world and build a different society (I am referring to different conditions, types, and styles of corporeal living), then it is possible to fulfill it only by the method the wisdom of Kabbalah offers. It is impossible to offer anything else now. If before there were many theories and many ideas, they are all passé now. As of today nothing makes sense or is rational anymore.

I follow the media and current scientific thinking, if there is such a thing today, I don’t see anything. Humanity is becoming so empty that there is no one to argue with. People don’t want to clarify this, and that is their business.

The only problem is how to change ourselves in order to change the world, our perception. The world is only a subjective personal feeling. The question is whether the force that can change us really exists?

Everyone agrees that the ego is harmful, that we should get rid of it, and that it destroys us. There are many conferences and international forums on this issue, but no one takes it seriously since it is considered human nature, which cannot be changed.

We, however, say that it is possible! In this same nature there is an upper force that is above our ego, which has created the ego, the desire for one’s self, and which can change it to a desire for the sake of others.

This transformation can take place in us only if we want it. But how can I want it?! It turns out that I have to pull myself out from the swamp I am in by the hair. It is indeed so to some extent, but not totally, since if I connect to the other friends in the group, we can help one another and thus take all of us out together; it is possible. If we pull one another out by the hair, the most important thing for me is to think about the friends and about how I should pull them out and that they should think about me. Thus everyone thinks about the others.

By annulling ourselves and connecting to others, we summon an extra force. We don’t even know where it comes from, but we suddenly begin to feel it. This force influences us and raises us, we begin to feel that there is something in nature which is above our ego and can change it, turn it into something else, and manage it.

The main thing is to wait for this state when all the circumstances around us will make us feel the need to unite. We see that many in the world already understand that by uniting we can solve any problem there is, which we cannot without connection.

So we can tell people about unity and connection in order to solve small concrete, ordinary daily problems, since even by solving these small corporeal problems, we will begin to feel the special quality of connection. Thus people will realize that we can also change our nature, our society, and even our world, which means our perception. It is all possible.

So the doubts that you feel are true. What’s important is not to drown in them but to constantly be above the doubts and to look for accurate scientific explanations so that we will be able to connect these doubts in our mind and make the correct picture of the questions and provide the answers for them; I am ready to take part in this.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/13, Question and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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