Connections In The Crystal Network

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we disseminate we reach different organizations, prisons, etc., and we organize roundtables where we discover different problems in the network of connections. It is the correction of the network of connections and nothing more than that. We discover the place of the shattering and its intensity and ask for its corrections and not for anything for our own private desires. Our prayers are not for a particular person but are about the connection between people, and therefore it is called a “prayer of many.”

It is impossible to ask for one individual; you will not be heard this way. After all, a vessel is formed between two people. Two people is the minimal amount; the desire to create the right connection between two is a spiritual vessel.

I cannot pray to the Creator to do good to me. I must ask for someone else, for the well being of another. If I pray for him, it means that I correct my connection with him. Then it goes through me, and I if I am totally focused on him, I reach spiritual revelation. The person I asked for will feel good since he will get rid of his problems and I will feel good because of the revelation of the Creator.

I become GE and therefore my fulfillment is in my intention, which serves as the actual filling. The other person is AHP and his fulfillment is in the revelation of the Light.

The only important thing is the network of our connections. In our world it seems that the actual components of the crystal network are important, that people are actually those who bear the desires. This isn’t true; the spiritual desire is actually the connection between them. This is what we have to focus on.

So when we connect with the public, the connection with a person is the most important thing. This is what we have to explain to them eventually, one way or another, so that they will understand that if the connections between us are good and corrected, we will be filled and feel abundance between us. No matter how he attains this, a person will feel good. Everything he wants will be fulfilled. Later his desires will change from a desire for corporeal fillings to desires that are increasingly more spiritual.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13

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