Practical Work Makes Room For The Revelation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we disseminate integral education and turn to the wide public we feel that we are on a mission of the upper force that manages us in concealment. How can we convey to the group our impressions, thoughts and feelings that we experience during the dissemination so that it will become everyone’s property in order to strengthen the group?

Answer: Disseminating integral education is a very important type of work that we now do in factories, offices, schools, prisons, and in organizing various courses. First of all, this type of work brings us closer to the Creator because through it we can feel how much we need His help. This happens as a result of our practical work.

A person who only sits and studies doesn’t advance. The Torah cannot exist without practical actions. If we just sit and do nothing practical, there will be no room for the revelation.

We should understand that in previous generations it was totally different and even a person who had a friend or two he studied with could reach spiritual attainment. But it was different in the past; the desires were different and more pure and so it was possible to reveal the upper force that way.

But today when the Creator gives us such opportunities, we will not be able to reveal anything if we don’t use them. So working in disseminating integral education has become very important and accordingly our whole factory has changed. We don’t even have to think about how to change it actually. The work itself changes people and they feel that they belong to these daily activities more.

It is a very big present from above because the wisdom of Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator in this world. This means that the Creator is revealed in the relationships between people: We have to discover the absolute love on the Creator’s part and His good attitude towards all of us on the level of this world. When we discover this attitude, it means that we add the upper world to the picture of this world. It is an ascent up the levels of the upper worlds, the revelation of the network that connects everyone.

The Creator is in the network and He manages everyone, the whole desire, with the force of the good and the benevolent, which is the only thing there is. It is called the true reality that we reach and where we receive answers to all our questions. The world changes and we understand why we feel bodies that are born, live, and die.

There is no other reality, there is nowhere else a person goes to after he dies. When we come closer to the upper providence and bring the Creator and the connection between us into this world, when the upper force becomes clear to us and is among us, all the worlds are revealed to us, all of creation, life and death, all the direct and opposite forms that we see before us now. All this is already revealed and only our perception changes; we change and not the world around us.

So our practical work is the most efficient means in establishing the right attitude to reality. We want to find salvation here, among all the people, which means revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world. This is what we work for; this is the practical wisdom of Kabbalah, and there isn’t a more important kind of work.

We will change according to these demands and the world will look different. I can see it by how much great opportunities have opened up recently for conveying our message. Lately I can say much more. To the extent that we change, our factory will change and our whole attitude to the wisdom of Kabbalah will be more concrete. This means that we have to clarify: Where do we actually reveal the Creator, in which connections between us and in which connections between us and the world?

How can we draw the upper providence into this world? How can we correct a person? How can we overcome the crisis that surrounds us? Then we will discover the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), and discover that we are all under the domination of the good and the benevolent that is revealed, under the domination of love. Thus we implement everything that Kabbalists write about.

If we continue this way you will see that this type of work will help us reveal the upper force
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/07/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Igrot,” Letter 52

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