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The Dream Of A Spiritual Romantic

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe main thing is the groupI heard much about Baal HaSulam dreaming of creating a Kabbalistic community. He brought tannery machines with him from Poland, thinking that he would open a small factory where he would work with his students and this would be enough for them to survive. And in a small and compact circle like this they would learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. He had many similar programs. From his articles one can feel how much he dreamt about this. He was an immense spiritual romantic.

But this was still impossible in those times. Even in our times we see that in the meantime we are only on the way towards it. I could put it that this will be possible, but in what way we still don’t know. It’s not necessary to override time.

Anyway, we see that in all times, all the Kabbalists learned specifically in groups and related within it very fundamentally to its constitution, laws, and general rules of conduct.

All the laws that are described in the Torah and in the rest of the sources are laws of behavior within a group. They are not meant for a nation, nor for the masses, but only for Kabbalistic groups. Even though the impression is apparently created that this is how the masses should behave, all this is very conditional. Basically this effects only those who want to “go outside of themselves,” from their ego.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 4

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The Exodus From Egypt Is Called Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam: “The Secret of Conception and Birth”: The exodus from Egypt is called birth but the embryo is born dead, since after the pregnancy, which is the iron furnace and the enslavement in Egypt, there is the birth and they were not ready to breathe the spirit of life in the enlightened world yet, to which they were promised to arrive—until the count has begun and the war with Amalek and the water trials, etc. and they arrive at the Sinai desert. Sinai means hate, which means the sufferings that is part of every illness.

We should understand that everything is determined by the final point, by the goal of creation. It says: “first think, then act.” This final point determines the flaws that must be revealed in every stage in order to reach the ultimate goal.

The ultimate goal is revealed in every stage as flawed according to the number of levels that separate it from that level. If I am on level five, for example, and there are a total of 125 levels, I have to reveal the need for the 120 missing levels on the fifth level. But I cannot reveal them and so they are in the state I am in, in their concealed form, preparing the future flaws that I have to correct and which are gradually starting to be revealed starting from this level onwards.

Every level includes all the flawed future states until the end of correction. So even at the time of the exodus from Egypt it was determined that the correction has to come to an end after 6,000 years. All this was already known; Abraham also knew about this process and Jacob wanted to reveal the future secret to his sons but didn’t manage to do so.

It all stems from the fact that the ultimate goal, the final state, is incorporated in every level since it has a beginning, the actual state, and its conclusion. So the fetus that is born during the exodus from Egypt already conceals in it the future corruption. Just like the participation of the points of SAG with NHY of Galgalta, when it was clear that the heart of stone is concealed in NHY. Therefore, it was possible to predict the future shattering, since the unrevealed evil was left in Bina and in Malchut. They thought that they could correct everything and reach the end of correction but it only got worse.

Evil has to be concealed on the way and revealed in the future and be corrected. The same thing happens here too, with the fetus is still born. The children of Israel came out of Egypt when they were totally detached from one another. They built the first Temple, but it was destroyed and they had to be exiled to Babylon, where the whole story of Ahasuerus, Mordecai and Haman took place. Then they returned to the Land of Israel again and built the second Temple, but it was also destroyed.

All these states are a result of the wrong birth, but it also had to occur that way, since the heart of stone that was supposed to be revealed and die is concealed in the fetus. All this stems for the ultimate goal and determines all these states.

It was impossible to change anything we have passed through along the way until today. Only now do we reach the state of the beginning of the correction and we have freewill. We had no freewill in any of the previous states since they were all just a preparation for today.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Calibrating The Brain To The Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanTruth and lies can change places in a moment. We hear a certain opinion and think that it’s the truth. Then suddenly we hear another opinion and hold on to it and think that it’s the truth and what we thought before already seems like a lie. Truth and a lie change very quickly and even the feeling of sweetness and bitterness change, but not as fast.

It turns out that nothing is absolute in reality. I can never say that something is sweet since it may be bitter tomorrow because of my bad mood. I may discover that sugar is bad for me, that it simply kills me, and I will not even be able to look at it. It will not seem so sweet to me anymore, but rather bitter, since I will be so afraid to eat something that is harmful. This fear will change all the flavors that I taste.

So how can we absolutely determine what is sweet or bitter, what is the truth or a lie? The clarification of truth and a lie is in our brain, and the clarification of bitter and sweet is in the heart, in the desire. So we have to pay attention while working with our heart that it will be for the sake of bestowal and not receiving.

This is already a certain standard, a certain parameter, according to which I can measure myself. Now the truth means to benefit as much as possible, and wherever we lose, we call it a lie. This is how a person usually sees life, in a biased perspective. The ego, the bribe covers a person’s eyes and doesn’t let him see the truth or the lie. Whatever is beneficial is called truth and what is not is called a lie.

We need an objective standard that is external to us, which means the measure of bestowal compared to which I can measure my truth and my lie and to calibrate my brain correctly. The environment gives us this chance. This is the reason for the shattering of the vessels that left each of us detached from all the rest, locked inside his ego. But if I connect to society according to Kabbalistic rules, it will be the truth for me.

The more I can annul myself and connect with the friends, the more I will see this standard in them, the truth. I will see myself compared to the truth as living in a lie. This is actually the main goal of our work in the group: to calibrate ourselves with regards to the truth, so that the truth and bestowal will become one for us.

Bestowal is my connection to the group: The more I give myself to the group, the closer I get to the truth, which means to bestowal. This is the first state I have to arrange for myself. Then we can be sure we are accurately calibrated, in the right direction with regard to the brain.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/30/13, Shamati #148 “The Scrutiny of Bitter and Sweet, True and False”

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Implementing The Thought Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our friends study for about 25 hours a week, three hours are dedicated to friends’ meetings and there are about 5 hours left for dissemination. How relevant is this time division? Perhaps we should devote more time to friends’ meetings, to unity, and to dissemination?

Answer: The main thing is dissemination! By disseminating you begin to understand better and to perceive with what you are dealing.

A person who engages in dissemination and is absent from some of the lessons still advances very fast! In fact he perceives the wisdom of Kabbalah faster than others, since dissemination is the Creator’s actual instruction of what He wants from us.

He wants to be revealed to all the people in the world, which means to bring goodness to His created beings. How does He bring them goodness? It’s by His revelation among them. The revelation of the Creator to the created beings in this world is actually the pleasure with which He wants to fill us.

In Saint Isaac Cathedral in St. Petersburg it says: “My home shall be called a house of prayer.” This is just the beginning of the verse and the second part says: “for all the nations,” as it says in Psalms. For all the nations!

He wants to create a vessel, but we should do it. So we have to yearn for Him and our yearning should include absolutely everyone. This is His goal.

When you do this kind of work, it’s the most efficient action for ascending. I say it since I have experienced it myself. So any kind of work in dissemination, even just talking to passers-by about integral education is preferable to studying. It will help you more!

We have to see how we value our actions in this world and not be wise guys. It has nothing to do with a person’s skills or abilities, but only with how close his actions are to the Creator’s will. It’s nothing more than that.

Unfortunately there are groups which were founded a long time ago who stubbornly refuse to devote themselves to this and don’t look for a way to implement the Creator’s main desire, to be revealed to the created beings. We don’t completely fulfill the one condition that determines everything and which is the basis for everything, and then we have complaints, what for and for whom?!
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, Shamati #59About the Rod and the Serpent

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There Are No Bad Characteristics

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe yearning of the person for spiritual attainment depends upon a group because it can lower or raise him. In accordance with this, Rabash writes that there is nothing more terrible than neglect, carelessness at work, when a person thinks to himself, “Not bad. It’s okay, anything goes.”

Control of a person over himself is established only through his choice of an environment, how much the group influences him is the degree he can control himself. Therefore the group needs to direct, to motivate, and to encourage him so that he will feel that he cannot go any lower than this level but can only rise, always continuing upwards. If the group is directed correctly, then this is easy.

The relationship regarding the friends must be gentle; we need to understand that each has his characteristics. We are not teachers and not critics of the character of one another in any way. For each there are characteristics that must remain in him, but in a corrected form. That is to say, one is stingy, another is a fool, and a third is lazy, jealous, and irritable and so on. It’s forbidden in any way to suppress these characteristics! It’s necessary only to help transform them. That is all!

It’s necessary to direct anger against my bad characteristics; jealousy is a wonderful characteristic if it’s aimed in the right direction. We always tell a child: “See how he is, learn from him.” That’s how we ignite jealousy in him. This is to say, we need to look at each other as a mother looks at her child, and see that there is only good in everything that leads to connection between people. And the opposite, all kinds of seemingly good characteristics can destroy humanity if they are not directed towards connection and unity.

Enter into all kinds of sources of psychology and philosophy, whatever you want, and you will see what kind of nonsense was invented around the characteristics of a person. For with them everything is considered relative to the characteristic itself, and not its usage. But if we direct this characteristic correctly towards connection and unity between people, then it’s possible to be convinced that there is nothing bad in us. Everything depends only on intention!

Certainly this should be reflected in our relationships regarding each other. There are no bad people, they are not corrected. For this sake we are together. Therefore we love each other.

If I discover some seemingly unbearable characteristic in someone and feel that I cannot get along with this, I immediately stop and begin to develop another side in me (in myself and not him), and then from this I receive spiritual powers. I recommend that you remember this! I am telling you this from my own experience. Try it!

Suddenly new powers appear within you. You begin to feel how the Creator gives you sources for forward advancement. Specifically instead of “turning it,” open yourself. Relax, behind it stands the Creator. Agree and that is all! You create within yourself an open new space full of spiritual energy because you have changed yourself.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 4

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Street Methamphetamines

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from International Business Times): “In the massive economic misery that has engulfed Greece, the people at the very bottom of Greek society – namely, the homeless of cities like Athens -are being decimated by a cheap new drug called sisa, which is described as a kind of ‘cocaine for the poor.’ …

“Bizarrely, no one is quite sure what all the ingredients are in sisa, although methamphetamine is definitely a core component.

“But at only one or two euros ($1.29 to $2.58) per hit, it’s an attractive buy for the poor and/or homeless seeking any temporary escape from grim realities. …

“… the high from sisa is accompanied by dreadful after-effects, including insomnia, delusions, heart attacks and aggressive behavior. Other reported side effects are anorexia, palpitations and anxiety.

“‘It’s often compared with cocaine … It’s the drug of the streets, produced in home-based laboratories.’ …

“ noted that, as more drug addicts are forced into prostitution, the negative effects of sisa use are spreading into mainstream Greek society.”

My Comment: We will see this all over Europe, if they don’t come to their senses. As Mark Twain said about Tom Sawyer that “he would be President, yet, if he escaped hanging.” So, the world has two options for the future.

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Psychological Training “The Method Of Integral Development”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is a problem in attracting an audience for integral education. As far as I know, people want to learn something, to receive some knowledge, and don’t want to be educated at all.

Is it correct to camouflage our courses as  psychology or some other kind  of course to attract people and then present them as an instrument for unity? That is, presenting integral training in such a package.

Answer: I don’t understand you, do we lie to people? How is our training different from any other psychological training?

We gather them in tens, in roundtables, and give them psychological training. We show them that by connecting and uniting between us and by working according to the system of our connection, when they are not rejecting each other, but are supporting each other, when they are trying to find a common solution—suddenly they discover some special inner strength. This is psychological training.

There are hundreds, even thousands of training labs like these that deal with this around the world. Why are you differentiating us as some kind of mystic group that is not clear about what it is dealing with and that doesn’t know what it is disseminating?

And you can call and integral education, because we want to change a person, it is better to adapt to a world in which he lives. In principle, no matter what to call our course – even the “Method of integral development,” because it is no different from any psychology.

Our psychological training is called Integral Education. You can also call it integral upbringing since with it we want to change the person to better to adapt to the world he lives in. In principle, it doesn’t matter what you call our course, even “the Method of Integral Development,” since it is no different from any other psychology.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, Shamati #59 “About the Rod and the Serpent”

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Practical Kabbalah Is Fulfilled In Our Generation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have been preparing for this for ages and today practical Kabbalah is being fulfilled, which means that the actual correction is starting. Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world. This world refers to the corrupt relations between us, and the next world is the corrected relations.

If we see the world this, way we don’t see people’s bodies in it but rather the connections between them, the connections of one desire in which the Creator is revealed. So dissemination is 100% spiritual work. You are not doing anyone a favor but are actually working on your soul.

A person should understand that everything depends on him and he shouldn’t expect mercy or charity from anyone. He will find the source of his life in the relationships with others when he begins to arrange his mutual relationships with people on the street in his neighborhood. He will discover that he doesn’t depend on anyone, since he acquires a force that is greater than the government. Now we see it everywhere and so we shouldn’t turn to the authorities but actually to ourselves. We shouldn’t expect them to make any changes. No matter what they do it will only be against our interests.

When we speak to people we see the despair they feel. They don’t believe that things can change for the better in any way. Previously they had hopes that certain movements or leaders would be able to change something, but today no one pins his hopes on that since this lie has already been revealed. There is no one to blame here since it is a result of human nature. We shouldn’t blame anyone but we should simply decide how we should change our lives here and now, each one in his own place, in his family, in his town, or on the street he lives.

We turn to ordinary people and if we guide them correctly, we correct parts of our soul by that. Today we have opportunities that we never had before. The demand for this is felt everywhere. There are no other means to correct things. All the external sources have been exhausted, the global crisis has cleared the area and has washed it like a tsunami wave. There is only one source of life left, the source of power and change that is in the connection among people. No one can reconstruct this connection without integral education.

Even if someone hears about this and wants to reconstruct it, he will not succeed. It will succeed only if it comes from us. We were chosen by the Creator for this mission, like “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation,” and it is our obligation to pour this information into the whole world. Only a person who knows this method can teach the world and bring it to correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/26/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.07.13

Writings of Baal HaSulam “Igrot,” Letter 52

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