The Exodus From Egypt Is Called Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam: “The Secret of Conception and Birth”: The exodus from Egypt is called birth but the embryo is born dead, since after the pregnancy, which is the iron furnace and the enslavement in Egypt, there is the birth and they were not ready to breathe the spirit of life in the enlightened world yet, to which they were promised to arrive—until the count has begun and the war with Amalek and the water trials, etc. and they arrive at the Sinai desert. Sinai means hate, which means the sufferings that is part of every illness.

We should understand that everything is determined by the final point, by the goal of creation. It says: “first think, then act.” This final point determines the flaws that must be revealed in every stage in order to reach the ultimate goal.

The ultimate goal is revealed in every stage as flawed according to the number of levels that separate it from that level. If I am on level five, for example, and there are a total of 125 levels, I have to reveal the need for the 120 missing levels on the fifth level. But I cannot reveal them and so they are in the state I am in, in their concealed form, preparing the future flaws that I have to correct and which are gradually starting to be revealed starting from this level onwards.

Every level includes all the flawed future states until the end of correction. So even at the time of the exodus from Egypt it was determined that the correction has to come to an end after 6,000 years. All this was already known; Abraham also knew about this process and Jacob wanted to reveal the future secret to his sons but didn’t manage to do so.

It all stems from the fact that the ultimate goal, the final state, is incorporated in every level since it has a beginning, the actual state, and its conclusion. So the fetus that is born during the exodus from Egypt already conceals in it the future corruption. Just like the participation of the points of SAG with NHY of Galgalta, when it was clear that the heart of stone is concealed in NHY. Therefore, it was possible to predict the future shattering, since the unrevealed evil was left in Bina and in Malchut. They thought that they could correct everything and reach the end of correction but it only got worse.

Evil has to be concealed on the way and revealed in the future and be corrected. The same thing happens here too, with the fetus is still born. The children of Israel came out of Egypt when they were totally detached from one another. They built the first Temple, but it was destroyed and they had to be exiled to Babylon, where the whole story of Ahasuerus, Mordecai and Haman took place. Then they returned to the Land of Israel again and built the second Temple, but it was also destroyed.

All these states are a result of the wrong birth, but it also had to occur that way, since the heart of stone that was supposed to be revealed and die is concealed in the fetus. All this stems for the ultimate goal and determines all these states.

It was impossible to change anything we have passed through along the way until today. Only now do we reach the state of the beginning of the correction and we have freewill. We had no freewill in any of the previous states since they were all just a preparation for today.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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