Calibrating The Brain To The Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanTruth and lies can change places in a moment. We hear a certain opinion and think that it’s the truth. Then suddenly we hear another opinion and hold on to it and think that it’s the truth and what we thought before already seems like a lie. Truth and a lie change very quickly and even the feeling of sweetness and bitterness change, but not as fast.

It turns out that nothing is absolute in reality. I can never say that something is sweet since it may be bitter tomorrow because of my bad mood. I may discover that sugar is bad for me, that it simply kills me, and I will not even be able to look at it. It will not seem so sweet to me anymore, but rather bitter, since I will be so afraid to eat something that is harmful. This fear will change all the flavors that I taste.

So how can we absolutely determine what is sweet or bitter, what is the truth or a lie? The clarification of truth and a lie is in our brain, and the clarification of bitter and sweet is in the heart, in the desire. So we have to pay attention while working with our heart that it will be for the sake of bestowal and not receiving.

This is already a certain standard, a certain parameter, according to which I can measure myself. Now the truth means to benefit as much as possible, and wherever we lose, we call it a lie. This is how a person usually sees life, in a biased perspective. The ego, the bribe covers a person’s eyes and doesn’t let him see the truth or the lie. Whatever is beneficial is called truth and what is not is called a lie.

We need an objective standard that is external to us, which means the measure of bestowal compared to which I can measure my truth and my lie and to calibrate my brain correctly. The environment gives us this chance. This is the reason for the shattering of the vessels that left each of us detached from all the rest, locked inside his ego. But if I connect to society according to Kabbalistic rules, it will be the truth for me.

The more I can annul myself and connect with the friends, the more I will see this standard in them, the truth. I will see myself compared to the truth as living in a lie. This is actually the main goal of our work in the group: to calibrate ourselves with regards to the truth, so that the truth and bestowal will become one for us.

Bestowal is my connection to the group: The more I give myself to the group, the closer I get to the truth, which means to bestowal. This is the first state I have to arrange for myself. Then we can be sure we are accurately calibrated, in the right direction with regard to the brain.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/30/13, Shamati #148 “The Scrutiny of Bitter and Sweet, True and False”

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