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Refocusing The Work In The Group Of Ten

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe tens should not be isolated from each other. None of them should feel that it is separate or distinct from others.

I join the group of ten in order to neutralize my ego and be loyal to the whole world. If I do not come to this feeling, if I am not loyal to the world, not connected to it, this means that my ten is useless because it does not prepare me properly.

The group of ten is a mini-world in which I am learning how to be integrated with others. If I am not included in them, I do not arrange my ego as it should be—in the direction from the love for the created being to the love for the Creator.

In the group of ten, I should carry out various exercises of exiting myself to feel myself “extended,” “spread out” between everyone. I do not exist, do not feel myself, my individuality, my “self,” and the group of ten has to help me in that. “Each man shall help his neighbor”; this is how we have to be connected with each other.

As a result, our common desire, belonging to everyone, has to burn in the “center” of the group of ten. I feel in this desire that there are no “me” and “others,” but only “WE.”

On the basis of this unity, we think, feel, and make decisions—only from US. I resist all that is called “I,” and raise and nurture all that relates to US. Only our unity stems from my thoughts and feelings, and through it, like through glasses or binoculars, I look at the world all around.

A certain inner effort is necessary here in order to “dissipate” my “Self,” not allowing the focus on it, but keeping focus only on the center of the group where WE are together, and seeing the world, reality, in this way. Nothing that does not belong to US exists for me.

A person has to live and work in this inner effort as much as possible. For it is through the center of the group of ten that he imagines that he will get the Light that Reforms.

However, to focus on US, on the center of the ten correctly, the whole group of ten has to hold the intention to bestow. How is it verified? In its relation to other groups of ten and to the world. When the group of ten becomes one whole, when ten men become one, this unity acquires volume, and again it is reduced to one and acquires volume, until finally we come to the One, the Creator.

So, the criterion of our unity is the desire of the group of ten to get connected with others and become one whole with them. How can we do this? How can we test ourselves?

I can check myself if I enter any group of ten and feel like I am within my own group. There are no primary or secondary groups of tens, and I do not care which one I am in. I simply connect to the people who want to unite, connect without any distinction.

To make our work as pure as possible, we cannot consider the current group of ten as our “home,” and all the rest as a “foreign territory.” No, all the people who want to unite is my “territory,” the same group of ten. It is sufficient that they have a small attraction to unity, and I can already be together with them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/13, Conversation About the Tens

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Listen To The Cry Of Stones

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are people who have the aspiration to reveal the Creator, the spark in the heart. To the extent that they work to connect these sparks between themselves with the help of the Light that Reforms, the Light reigns in them. And if they also strive to connect with those who do not have longing for the Creator, they can also shine on their lives the Light that they received earlier in the work with each other.

That is, first there is work in the group, where due to the connection we accumulate the Light between ourselves. Then we can reach out to the general public that does not seek the revelation of the Creator and become the glue that connects everyone together, to transfer there a bit of received Light. And from them we can receive the desire to unite, to become corrected.

They do not understand that these desires are directed to unity and correction, they perceive them as individual failures, the problems of this world. But in fact, these are the same eternal questions of existence and problems because everything depends on whether you are closer to or further from the Light, from the Creator. We have to hear a prayer in every problem, every cry born in this world, even in the dead stone, a plant, or animal.

Any type of creation lacks only the revelation of the Creator. But we can approach this deliberately by our free choice, and that is why we must take responsibility for all kinds of creatures and provide them with connection. In this way we fulfill the desire of the Creator.

The greater devotion and self-denial with which those who are called Israel “Yashar-El” (directed “straight to the Creator”) perform their work, the more the whole world becomes corrected. Conversely, if they still ignore the work assigned to them, the whole world suffers, and this suffering is ultimately returned to Israel in order to rush them to begin correction.

Therefore, there is no need to perceive these problems as suffering. All the rewards and punishment are whether we perform or do not perform the desire of the Creator. This is the entire reward and the entire punishment.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/13

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The Only Point Of Freedom

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator has created the desire to enjoy and prepares it for adhesion with Himself, meaning for the final state that this desire has to reach, to want to become similar to the Light. Inside, it remains the same desire to enjoy, but externally it takes the form of the Light, the property of bestowal.

In order for the desire to enjoy wanting to become like the Creator, that is, wishing for adhesion, it needs to have the properties of the Light in addition to its property of reception. And it also has to explore its property, to understand, feel, and become aware of its attachment to it and want to get rid of it, that is, to comprehend it in the direct and opposite form. Besides that, it also needs to understand and feel the desire of bestowal, and compare them with each other.

It turns out that the Creator created this desire to be versatile and combine many shades of these two properties: the desire to enjoy and the desire to bestow. On the basis of inclusion of one property into another, it begins to understand every property, and after all the scrutiny, it obtains the mind, the head, that is, intention, the ability to make conscious actions.

But with all this complexity of the desire to enjoy, consisting of a clever weave of properties of reception and bestowal in the mind and heart, that is, in intention and action, in the thought and feeling, in essence, there is only one important point—the point of freewill. And the rest is managed by this point.

If the created being attains this point, then it is called “Yashar-El” (straight to the Creator), Israel. And everything else that the created being has inside of his understanding, attainment, mutual inclusion of desires, intentions, and thoughts, except for this point, does not belong to Israel, but belongs to its consequence, this point of freedom of choice, and everything else flows from it.

The Creator is the property of bestowal and treats both sinners and righteous kindly. No change ever occurs in Him. The desire to enjoy, except this one point Israel, is completely in the power of its nature. It can change, but solely due to the only free change that is possible in this system, which is called the point of Israel.

Therefore, we must understand that the upper force and the desire to enjoy are at absolute rest. The only element of creation that can change and decide something is Israel. Consequently, there is no need to look at those who have no point in the heart since they have no freedom of choice. Although they look like people, they are not those people, the sons of Adam, who are similar (Domeh) to the Creator, like the point in the heart.

So, no matter what happens in this world, regardless of how they attack and mock us or if they are for or against us, all this is the demonstration of the desire to enjoy in relation to us. It only shows us the need to make our free choice in order to bring it to adhesion with the Creator. That is our job.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13

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Wall Street Is Downsizing

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from MarketWatch): “Are investment bankers and traders facing near-extinction very soon?

“Yes, according to analyst Meredith Whitney.

“‘We are on the precipice of a seismic downsizing on Wall Street, the likes of which have never occurred before,’ said Whitney in a recent research note to clients, acquired by the New York Post.

“Whitney says the financial sector is set to see layoffs of up to 100,000 or as much as 15% of the work force in the next 18 months, as banks contract and muddle through a sluggish economy.

My Comments: When it becomes clear that employees no longer bring profit, they are laid off. This suggests that the crisis enters its decisive phase—the collapse of the financial sector—and no one can stop it. I am not gloating, but I warned about this 5-6 years ago in this blog. I advise you to look up the further forecasts in this blog.

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Daily Work For The Sake Of The Final Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe represent the adapter between the Creator and creation, a connecting link, the chosen nation,  the “kingdom of priests.” We are the ones that received this mission from the Creator and each day we must hear these instructions anew from Mount Sinai, understand that the entire world is nothing but a desire to receive that is perceived within us in forms of still, vegetative, animate, and human nature. Our mission is to bring all of these levels to adhesion with the Creator.

Other people don’t have any freedom of will, no independent actions or thoughts; nothing is within their control. The upper force acts within them and puts them before us in order to give us work, which is to lead them toward the Creator. By means of this work, we will reach the exalted mission that rests upon the nation of Israel.

We must have this outlook with regard to all of reality and the entire picture that is being presented within our desire to receive. It doesn’t matter how we imagine actions in dissemination or work to attain unity and search for the upper force that corrects and unites us, bringing us to a good life, but naturally by all of this we imply adhesion with the Creator.

In our eyes the entire universe is divided into two halves: the Creator and the desire that needs to be brought to adhesion with Him. Through this work we will attain adhesion with the Creator. Such is our mission and it’s the only work that exists in reality. After all, everything else simply unfolds in accordance with the program of creation in which there is no freewill or work on the creature’s part.

Any time we appeal to people, to the physical nation of Israel or to the nations of the world, in all of them, we must see the desire that we have to bring to adhesion with the Creator. And even though we are talking to people in simple terms, we must always remember the Creator and that He ordered this work and chose us to be His servants and His holy nation, meaning a buffer or His representatives. Besides Him, there exists the “material” without freedom of will, meaning all those who don’t possess the desire to be closer to the Creator, and we have to bring them to this adhesion. Therein lies our mission.

A person that carries out this work and tries even in the most external form to bring this “human material” to the Creator is performing the most important mission. Even though it’s just the beginning, it’s more important than anything else. We must understand, feel, and set our intention so that our beginning action includes the end result, which is to bring the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature to adhesion with the Creator. In the beginning of each action we have to understand that we are making it for the sake of final correction.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13

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Why Is Our Time So Special?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is dissemination in our time counted as real spiritual work?

Answer: The world has changed and has become ready for it. We were preparing ourselves for this time and could continue to just study and not go out to the public, remaining in a state of expectation like an engine in neutral. That is, the engine is running, but at a very low speed and idling. There is barely a zing of life in it.

In this state, we could exist until the end of our lives as the Kabbalists of the past did, but they lived in a different time when they could reveal all these properties with no connection with the lower. However, we are in a situation when we cannot realize our spiritual vessel without connection with people because it needs to communicate with the desires of the general public.

Therefore, without dissemination, we will achieve nothing besides what we already have. We could spend another five to ten years with little progress. We are developing, adding new groups, but this adds to us very little desire with which we could work and from which we would be able to reach the Creator. To do this, we need the desire of the degree lower in relation to us, not coming from the point of the heart: The desire that comes from integral connection.

If the connection had not been revealed that now is seen between all parts of humanity—broken and terrible, protectionistic, full of hatred, and rejection of others with the desire to use one another—we would not have been able to get from people their desire. Humanity has suffered throughout all of millennia not less than today and even much more. However, today, its desire acquired a new quality that comes from the corrupt network of connection between people.

That is why we can take their desire and raise them to the Creator. They already have what needs to be corrected! There is no need to correct the desire of any person. It is necessary to correct just the connection between them, the overall network. It was not revealed in the past, and that is why Kabbalists could not get closer to people. In our days, the crisis is manifested as a consequence of the broken network of connections revealed as the cause of the crisis. Thus, we can take the damaged connections between people and correct them.

We work only with these connections and not with the desires caused by a lack of money, health, family problems, children, and work. No matter what individual desires exist in everyone, the main thing is that, in our days, they are revealed in such a form that they cannot be solved by conventional methods. It was possible in the past, but not today.

We see that science, psychology, medicine, human relationships, parenting, and the attitude to work all falls apart because it is discovered that there is a corrupt network of connections between us. It is revealed as the cause of all evil. Kabbalists are aware of this, but, according to studies, ordinary science also is beginning to come to such conclusions.

That is why we can take this corrupt network and ask for its correction. That is what needs to be corrected because during the breaking, no vessel was broken. Its connections with others were broken. Therefore, all the corrections are made in your relationships with others. As it is written, “Don’t do unto others what you would not want done to you,” “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and “You shall love your Maker.” All corrections apply only to connections.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13

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From Out Of The Gloom – To The World Of Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis seems paradoxical, but if we look at this world from the spiritual world, there is nothing more natural than the connection of everything into one whole and with the Creator. This is a single, stable system that is found in harmony, in permanent balance, in an ideal state, where everything in it is found in interaction, fulfilling the others and being fulfilled by the others. This system becomes an absolutely healthy body, physically and mentally.

Information, matter, energy, perception, consciousness, all this exists in absolute harmony. Therefore this system is eternal: There is no concept of time, there are no changes. In other words, there is eternal life and events take place with regularity specifically to reveal the infinite depth of this connection.

The connection itself is permanent, the system is permanent, and the Light is found at absolute rest and fills the entire creation. We are found in it in constant motion from the smallest fulfillment to the largest. And the most important ecstasy is in the perception of the harmony and wholeness of this system, and this is what is called perception of the Creator.

Therefore our world is comprehended from there as a small, ugly world, which exists without choice, because the Creator obliges it to exist even though a creature seems so despicable that it has no right to exist. This creature exists specifically for this, that by denying his depravity, he will rise and attain eternity and wholeness. Yet it’s difficult to do this because we don’t see anything against this depravity.

But if we were to see this, we would lose free choice, and with all our strength we would run only there, no matter what. We would slam with our whole body into a wall, a barrier that separates between us, just to get there or to disappear.

For this we were given the concealment so that from ourselves we would build the model of the world to which we aspire, with a link between us, with our relationship with one another, to ourselves, in the relationship of our general group to all of humanity, to the still, vegetative, and animate nature.

We crave it in this world, imagining it as a kingdom, like in a children’s game, and try to create it among us, in spite of all the things that are given to us here. We want to enter this seemingly unnatural, imaginary state; if we understand how far this is from our present existence, we see this is contrary to all logic, to our nature, which is to say, our intelligence; this needs to be something absolutely different.

And continually humanity tries to understand how, in spite of it all, it is possible to do something, but in the end something worse results. The ego still crushes us and shows us that we have perhaps achieved what we wanted, until we discover the significance of all that is happening: For what does existence like this need to be?

You see, if we look from the side, our existence seems depraved and absolutely lacking in meaning and purpose. It follows that people exist without a choice, captive, where they suffer and flee from this suffering all the time, encounter more suffering and again flee. And all this is only to begin to imagine another existence, something that is truly worth it, for which it is worthwhile to live, and not regret the fact that you are alive.

When we imagine this state, we gradually begin to feel that apparently it truly exists; otherwise, how would we imagine it? And this state apparently exists not only hypothetically but truly. However, it wants us to truly aspire to it. I must aspire to it in a form where I will feel myself inwardly and emotionally within it. And then I begin to feel some kind of help, inspiration, and illumination. I begin to see that there is a purpose to all this.

Precisely like this, Adam discovered this system 5773 years ago. From that day, we run our Kabbalistic calendar, from that moment when Adam HaRishon (first man) discovered the Creator in our world. And after that began the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation; more people began to be included in this who also felt a lack of meaning in their existence.

But that same problem always remained: How can I develop another world, a correct and true world within my small and threatening world? People stood facing that problem all the time. It’s necessary to create an image, to play with this system, to play in the true world.

We always forget this, and this will continue until we create together a state like this, a link like this, a system of relationships like this, which will be just about identical to the higher world and it will only be required to realize it clearly, and this will be done through a stroke of the Upper Light. But until we do all that we can in order to be in such a state as this, we will not reach it. The moment that we do everything in order to create this other world within our gloom, it will appear immediately. The Light will make it true and we will discover ourselves within it.

We understand that there is no choice but to reach true and clear unity and to create the conditions, the contact, the mutual relationships like these, that will be just about equal to the higher system, full of love and bestowal, mutual inclusion, understanding, support, and responsibility. And the link needs to be like this, that the person, as a separate entity, disappears. He doesn’t exist, and cannot exist.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 6

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Connecting The Entire World To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “A Handmaid That Is Heir to Her Mistress:” Hence, the worlds have been divided into internality and externality, where each world contains illuminations suitable to operate in slow development. And these are called “the internality of the world.”

The system we are in is divided into internality and externality. This division relates to the Lights and the vessels, both to the direct and to the opposite correlation between them depending on if we speak about the corrected vessels or the corrupt ones.

Accordingly, we should understand what it means for us after the preparation in the spiritual system and the creation of the corporeal system. It is actually also a spiritual system, but we perceive it as the current fictitious world. I discover that I exist in a certain reality with people and the still, vegetative, and animate nature  around me. It is as if everyone lives on his own here, moving around independently, operating and influencing others. After I reveal all that, I must attribute myself, together with the whole picture that is depicted inside me to one cause, to one source, to one goal, to a simple reality in which there is none else besides Him, and that He is good and benevolent. The point that is created as “something from nothing” remains in me only in order to determine that everything else is Him.

We must connect everything that is outside that point to the perception of the upper, the Creator. This is our work, and everyone who feels that he has a point in the heart—”something from nothing” and who feels different from the eminent—participates in it.

The work is divided into two parts:

  1. Strengthening the point in the heart by connecting the points that can be connected to it for the sake of the spiritual goal. These are the members of the group, my friends along the spiritual path, who actually are parts of my soul, of my point in the heart.
  2. In addition, there are other parts that are not directly connected to this goal. They don’t feel “something from nothing,” but rather, “something from something,” and they don’t ask complicated questions that stem from the point in the heart, from the opposite form. They live their lives and don’t feel any deficiency but that. I also need to connect them to my work according to the type and size of the desires that are revealed inside them.

Eventually, I connect all of reality: the whole desire to receive that is before me—that is at my disposal, inside me, no matter how you put it—to the attribute of bestowal and love called the Creator. It seems that I correct the world, but in fact, I fulfill my private correction. This is because there is nothing in the world but one man and one Creator. A person is the point of “something from nothing” that operates in order to bring it back to “something from something,” everything that seems separate from it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.21.13

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Meaning of Conception and Birth,” Lesson 11

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The Book of Zohar — Introduction, “A Handmaid that Is Heir to Her Mistress

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