The Major Law Of Nature Is System Balance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We unite in order to correct. How exactly do we achieve the goal of our unity? How do we arrive to a correct connection?

Answer: We have to build the group in a way that is completely compatible with the upper system. The upper system is all about mutual bestowal and kind relationships. Everybody is equal; each one is lower than others so that one can receive from others what they want to give him; each one is higher, bigger, and stronger than others for the sake of giving to them what one thinks is beneficial for them.

Everybody is equal within the entire system; everybody is “blended” into one; each one empathizes with others’ desires and strives to fulfill them. This is how we form a general circle in accordance with the technological laws and analog systems with which we are familiar.

For example, our body is an analog system in which various processes take place. The goal of these processes is to maintain all parts and subsystems in balance. This is what is called “health”: blood pressure, sugar level, and all other parameters are well-adjusted. This kind of balance of bodily systems is the major law of nature.

So, if we want to see our groups balanced, we should take care of making all our friends equal and have them included into one another in bestowal and receiving. The system has to act in a way that each of our friends loses his “I-ness” and together with others builds something in the middle, a “raspberry sphere” of our unity (WE).

Then, instead of sensing just our personal life in a physical body, we start recognizing unity and all phenomena associated with unity through a spiritual man’s (Adam’s) emotions and intellect, because we become similar to Him. “Adam” is called a “Man,” not each of us individually.

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If we happen to acquire a sensation of the integral analog network, we find ourselves at the speaking level, yet we still remain present at the animate level. All our desires and aspirations are directed to provide for our physical body, the same as animals that look for shelter and food and create families in order to reproduce their species. Of course our demands are a little bit higher than theirs and we are trying to satisfy them as well. However, only when we take care of “Adam” will we attain the human level of development.

Accordingly, we have to build our relationships in the group. There is a list of mandatory conditions that reflect the laws of the spiritual system that influence us. The roots that govern us descend from the upper world into this world. If we want to be in good shape, all we need is to rise from our level to the spiritual level. This is where the forces of Nature are oriented nowadays.

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So we should follow the Kabbalists’ advice and apply efforts to achieve this state. Technical achievements are useless at this point. All is carried out in human society in our relationships. If we change them in a way that humanity lives up to the laws of unity (WE) and becomes compatible with the contemporary world that is becoming integral and completely interconnected, if we understand that Nature (or the Creator) obligates us to establish connection, we’ll find out why we as of yet cannot receive any answers to the calls of integrality. Only then will we rise to a new level of existence and will feel good.

So, we have to follow the patterns that are accepted in the groups since they are defined by spiritual laws. The group is meant to become a spiritual system. Each group’s task is to implement principles of integrality… When we begin connecting into one system, the world starts feeling it. It sets up an example of a correct interconnection among people. Then, the world will come to a better place.

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This process seems to be pretty far away as of now, but you will see that it will come to life very soon. The developmental speed is exponential, so the world will come to this point quicky because there is no other choice.
From the New Jersey Convention 5/11/13, Lesson 3

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