Listen To The Cry Of Stones

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are people who have the aspiration to reveal the Creator, the spark in the heart. To the extent that they work to connect these sparks between themselves with the help of the Light that Reforms, the Light reigns in them. And if they also strive to connect with those who do not have longing for the Creator, they can also shine on their lives the Light that they received earlier in the work with each other.

That is, first there is work in the group, where due to the connection we accumulate the Light between ourselves. Then we can reach out to the general public that does not seek the revelation of the Creator and become the glue that connects everyone together, to transfer there a bit of received Light. And from them we can receive the desire to unite, to become corrected.

They do not understand that these desires are directed to unity and correction, they perceive them as individual failures, the problems of this world. But in fact, these are the same eternal questions of existence and problems because everything depends on whether you are closer to or further from the Light, from the Creator. We have to hear a prayer in every problem, every cry born in this world, even in the dead stone, a plant, or animal.

Any type of creation lacks only the revelation of the Creator. But we can approach this deliberately by our free choice, and that is why we must take responsibility for all kinds of creatures and provide them with connection. In this way we fulfill the desire of the Creator.

The greater devotion and self-denial with which those who are called Israel “Yashar-El” (directed “straight to the Creator”) perform their work, the more the whole world becomes corrected. Conversely, if they still ignore the work assigned to them, the whole world suffers, and this suffering is ultimately returned to Israel in order to rush them to begin correction.

Therefore, there is no need to perceive these problems as suffering. All the rewards and punishment are whether we perform or do not perform the desire of the Creator. This is the entire reward and the entire punishment.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/13

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