Daily Work For The Sake Of The Final Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe represent the adapter between the Creator and creation, a connecting link, the chosen nation,  the “kingdom of priests.” We are the ones that received this mission from the Creator and each day we must hear these instructions anew from Mount Sinai, understand that the entire world is nothing but a desire to receive that is perceived within us in forms of still, vegetative, animate, and human nature. Our mission is to bring all of these levels to adhesion with the Creator.

Other people don’t have any freedom of will, no independent actions or thoughts; nothing is within their control. The upper force acts within them and puts them before us in order to give us work, which is to lead them toward the Creator. By means of this work, we will reach the exalted mission that rests upon the nation of Israel.

We must have this outlook with regard to all of reality and the entire picture that is being presented within our desire to receive. It doesn’t matter how we imagine actions in dissemination or work to attain unity and search for the upper force that corrects and unites us, bringing us to a good life, but naturally by all of this we imply adhesion with the Creator.

In our eyes the entire universe is divided into two halves: the Creator and the desire that needs to be brought to adhesion with Him. Through this work we will attain adhesion with the Creator. Such is our mission and it’s the only work that exists in reality. After all, everything else simply unfolds in accordance with the program of creation in which there is no freewill or work on the creature’s part.

Any time we appeal to people, to the physical nation of Israel or to the nations of the world, in all of them, we must see the desire that we have to bring to adhesion with the Creator. And even though we are talking to people in simple terms, we must always remember the Creator and that He ordered this work and chose us to be His servants and His holy nation, meaning a buffer or His representatives. Besides Him, there exists the “material” without freedom of will, meaning all those who don’t possess the desire to be closer to the Creator, and we have to bring them to this adhesion. Therein lies our mission.

A person that carries out this work and tries even in the most external form to bring this “human material” to the Creator is performing the most important mission. Even though it’s just the beginning, it’s more important than anything else. We must understand, feel, and set our intention so that our beginning action includes the end result, which is to bring the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature to adhesion with the Creator. In the beginning of each action we have to understand that we are making it for the sake of final correction.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13

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