The Unique Work Of The Spiritual Adaptor

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn spirituality a human being is the part that coordinates between the Creator and the created beings. He is also called “Israel,” which means straight to the Creator (Yashar-El). It says: “You are called Adam (human) and not the nations of the world.” After all, the Masach (screen) that I provide for all of humanity is the real “me,” the human being in me. I take the Aviut (thickness) from the “nations of the world,” the Light from the Creator, and I have to build a Masach in relation to them.

The goal of every upper Partzuf is actually an “adaptor,” a “connector,” the transition that has nothing of its own except the adaptation to the needs of others. This is my work, my designation. Whoever has a point in the heart has to do that, this is what we study.

Question: What do we overcome by that?

Answer: We have to overcome the interruptions that prevent us from helping the world and by that to bring the Creator contentment. According to the fable, He actually wanted to give the Torah, which means the method of correction, to the “nations of the world,” and the Israeli nation received it only as a point of transition, as an adaptor and a connector. The nations of the world have the vessels, the Lights are above, and the Israeli nation, those with the points in the heart, have to adapt between them. So it turns out that we are the upper Partzuf, the adaptor, or in other words, a Masach and Returning Light.

We only need to exert ourselves and nothing more than that. Our desire is small in comparison to the desire of the nations of the world, and so it is written, “You are few among the nations.” We are few not quantitatively but with respect to the desire to receive, since our Aviut belongs to the level of Bina and we acquired all the additions after the shattering. Our only designation is to serve Malchut, which means the desires of the nations of the world, and to build the Third Temple from them. We will have to fill all the desires and the spiritual passions that will be revealed in them.

So it is written: “Wisdom in the nations of the world—believe, Torah in the nations of the world—don’t believe.” Their vessels have to receive the Light of Hochma, and the Torah is the method of correction that exists only among the nation of Israel that is designated to evoke the Light that Reforms, to correct themselves, to calculate things regarding the Masach, and to bring the nations of the world the Light of Hochma. We establish the connection and the system and the nations of the world provide the desires.

Question: This mission doesn’t seem very difficult. We only have to pass on something to the nations of the world like messengers; what’s so hard about the work of this “adaptor?”

Answer: First, on the level of the forefathers we broke off from the vessels of AHP, that is, we left Babylon after having corrected our vessels that belong to GE. Then on the level of the sons we corrected our AHP by the exiles, especially the exile in Egypt, and have acquired a whole vessel, but its two parts are ours since they belong to the level of Bina and that is not enough. So after the Exodus from Egypt, the conquering of the Land of Israel, and the building of the Temple, our whole vessel was shattered and fell to the level of the nations of the world, to the fourth and last exile.

The Unique Work Of The Spiritual Adaptor
Now we have to start correcting things, but not the correction that was before. Then we didn’t go through the shattering, and today we have to take our “vessels” out of the “nations of the world.” This is already a great deal of work. In addition to that, the representatives of the nations of the world also join us.

First we have to reconstruct ourselves as the one vessel we used to be and then we begin to work with the “nations of the world,” as the connection already exists since the days of the exile. So even though we start our self correction now, it is passed on to them, and, thus, we don’t just reconstruct ourselves but also include everyone in the correction and rise to much higher levels.

When Israel rises again, the nations of the world immediately follow them and then they have whom to ask for, for the real AHP and not for the “undeveloped” AHP of Bina.

So the role of “Israel” is to take the deficiency of the “nations of the world” and with it, rise to the Creator and prepare the vessel of the Shechina (Divinity) for it. It’s built of the different desires of the nations of the world, no matter how ready they are. The main thing is that they feel that the filling from above goes through us. Then they are able to adhere to us and to receive it.

Thus we bring the Creator contentment. Since it’s to them that He promised to give the Torah, to the real vessels of receiving, and we are only the means for the correction of these vessels.

So it’s clear how important it is to disseminate all over the world. The “Torah” is a general, inseparable system that is revealed everywhere. It turns out that we are connected in a network and cannot break away and escape from it. This network, the connection between people, is the “Torah.” It exists on all the levels all the way to the absolute connection when everyone become “as one man in one heart.” The Torah is the general vessel and the general Light in it is called “The Creator.” Today we must correct the desire to receive in order to connect above it in mutual bestowal upon the Creator.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/13, The Zohar

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