The “Adaptor” For Connection With The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”: These are the words of Rabbi Elazar, son of Rabbi Shimon, who said that the world is judged by its majority. He was referring to the role of the Israeli nation to qualify the world for a certain measure of purity, until they are worthy of taking upon themselves His work, no less than Israel were worthy at the time they received the Torah.”

It’s wrong to imagine the “world” as a desire to receive that cannot perform any actions on its own. It isn’t so. The part of Israel in the world is simply similar to the head of the Partzuf, to the first three Sefirot (GAR), and it must act as the “adaptor” between the Light and the desire to receive.

The Partzuf is divided into five parts: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut. The Light resides in the vessels of Keter, Hochma, and Bina, and they are adapted to it. By being the same desire to receive, they contain the Light and perform Zivug de Haka’a (coupling by beating) with it and pass it on to the receiving vessels, to Zeir Anpin and Malchut (ZON).

So it’s impossible to manage without the vessels of Keter, Hochma, and Bina. They are the link and they are very important since without them the connection would be lost. On the other hand, the goal of the process is that the vessels of ZON, whose work is to raise the request for correction (MAN) to the vessels of bestowal (GAR), to be incorporated in them and to join them.

The two parts help each other mutually. ZON helps the vessels of GAR to fulfill their role as the link, and GAR evoke the vessels of ZON and bring them the method of correction needed for the receiving vessels in order to connect and to be incorporated in the vessels of GAR. Thus the “nations of the world,” those that don’t have a spark of bestowal, perform important work when they connect to the vessels of the first three Sefirot.

The same thing happens to us: How could we draw the Light if we weren’t connected to Rabbi Shimon, to Baal HaSulam, to Rabash, and to the other great Kabbalists, or in other words to the Partzufim, the Sefirot, the spiritual levels? We connect to them in order to receive power from them, so that they will operate on us and unite us. When I read a Kabbalistic text, I try to connect to its author. After all, he is the upper one for me and through him my connection to the Light flows. It isn’t about a certain person that once lived; I want to connect with the source of the Light, and I am drawn to the link, to the spiritual mechanism through which that connection continues.

When I develop my spiritual vessels together with the Masach (screen), when I can connect with the spiritual world, I will see the Kabbalist in his spiritual form, as a Partzuf. Now he is the author of the article or the author of the book for me. This is the uniqueness of our world: Here we can use texts, which we don’t actually understand yet, and can connect with spirituality through such external devices. The Kabbalist invites me, cares for me, and I try to hold on to him, and thus we are in a relationship of mutual guarantee.

As for the “nations of the world,” they will not receive the correction all at once either. Their role is to join, to help, to be incorporated in the vessels of GAR. This is very serious work thanks to which Hochma is revealed in them. It is by them that all the Light is revealed.

Although according to the opposite value between the Lights and the vessels, it’s first revealed only in the vessels of GAR and only for the time being, on the way to the end of correction. Later everything is filled with one simple Light, as it says “and they shall all know Me from the smallest to the greatest.” And there won’t be even one grain of desire that will not receive complete fulfillment. Since all the grains are included in each other, each of them, every individual soul attains Ein Sof (Infinity).
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/06/12,“The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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