Tuning Ourselves To The “Melody” Of The Seminar

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is obvious that in order to prepare for a seminar, one needs to apply internal effort. Exactly, what kind of effort is required? What should we be doing specifically?

Answer: The first 20 articles by Rabash clearly, specifically, and concisely explain this issue. They illustrate what particularly we should talk about while preparing for the seminar: the importance of the group and friends, the importance of revealing the Creator within the group, the role of nullifying oneself before the group, the need for complete inclusion in the group, and the necessity to regard everyone as “one whole” in order to disclose the upper force according to the law of similarity of properties.

All of these conditions create a joint aspiration that we should imagine as one single picture. We should constantly work with this picture, permanently keep it in mind, and try to elucidate all questions through it since this is the place in which we all are united and where our aggregate desire and mind are. If we manage to achieve it, everything else will happen smoothly.

The only problem is how to start thinking in this direction and how to prepare to achieve this state. Maybe, we should write down everything that helps us “tune” ourselves, like tuning a musical instrument. Have you seen how they tune an instrument? First, he takes care of one part of the instrument, then he turns his attention to another. One octave at a time, he plays the note “do” in various octaves, then he tries “mi” He plays and listens to the sounds of the chords. In other words, it is a system to which we have to “tune” ourselves internally.

We have to constantly keep in mind that the system of ten Sefirot, which we are made of, far more complex than any musical instrument. This is a huge, multi-dimensional, multi-leveled system, which includes innumerable sensations that are arranged into one joint structure.

We are not talking about some separate “planes”; all of them ultimately join together. In due course, our efforts will end up creating a spherical picture of the upper world.

Just as today you imagine yourself in the sphere of this world, imagine yourself in the upper world even though it is far more complicated than ours, since it has n-dimensional “space” if “space” can be even used in the context.

People do not realize how much, in principle, they are not prepared for seminars. All they know is that today something will be going on. It has nothing to do with real preparation!

Preparation is when several hours before a seminar; you are “tuning” yourself, searching for a precise way to unite. It is a process of enhancing internal sensations and making a detailed analysis. It’s also about ridding oneself of all interferences and considerations until something “clicks” from within, a sensation of connectedness that we by all means have to preserve and augment.

Question: Is this individual work or does it have a group nature?

Answer: It is individual work. Later on, in the group, at the very beginning of each seminar, everybody should spend a couple of minutes to grasp the idea. However, when one connects with the group, there is a good chance that he will lose the result of his preparatory work. Yet, one should still do one’s work, and only after the work is complete can he become engaged in something else, although it shouldn’t take you as long as 50 minutes (or even longer), as it happened at the last seminar.

Essentially, people were discussing the topics of the seminar mechanically, rather than implementing them internally. They were confused even in words! Strangely enough, even those people who have lots of prior experience and usually are pretty eloquent couldn’t find normal words to scrutinize their internal states through the sensation of unity.
From a “Talk About Workshops” 5/25/12

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