An Adapter Between The Creator And The Creature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While we read The Zohar, should we think about uniting with the 99% of humanity or only with those who have a point in the heart?

Answer: We should think about the whole chain: “Israel (the one who aspires to the Creator), the Torah (the Light that Reforms), and the Creator are one.” What’s the purpose of the Torah, the Light that Reforms? The purpose is for the 99% to be corrected. Israel is in the middle in order to organize this Light, bring it to the vessels (desires), and create a connection between their desires and the desires of the nations of the world so that the Light will pass through this adapter or transition and correct the nations of the world. In essence, the nations of the world are the object of influence; namely they need to be corrected.

Israel went through the breaking, passed the whole necessary preparation, and now also exists in the worst possible, broken state after intermixing with and becoming included in all the nations of the world. In addition, we still don’t know what happened to the ten lost tribes of Israel. All of this was necessary in order to bring the source of the upper Light in accordance with the nations of the world.

There should be an adapter in the middle, like Bina between Malchut and Hochma with Keter. Keter is the Thought of Creation; Hochma is the Light given to the creatures by the Thought of Creation; and Bina understands, receives, feels, and adapts the execution of this plan for the creatures with the help of its upper and lower Sefirot (GAR de Bina and ZAT de Bina).

Therefore, Israel as a whole is called “Bina.” On one hand, they should make themselves similar to the Creator since they were prepared for this by the “merits of the patriarchs.” On the other, after their breaking, the destruction of the two Temples in spirituality, and their intermixing with the nations of the world in exile, they have the readiness to also be included in the latter. Thus they can be in GAR de Bina, which is us in the process of our studies while in connection between us and the Creator, as well as in ZAT de Bina, which is us interacting with the nations of the world, their education, the dissemination of the science of Kabbalah to them, and so on.

However, on their own the nations of the world are ZON, which require correction. These ZON that require correction also have our part, Zeir Anpin within them, and a part of Malchut, which is only them. Therefore, they also have already been included in Bina.

Thus, when we study, work, and realize any actions, we should also take into account the whole system. The end of an action is in its initial thought, and we need to see this whole creation, understand how we fit into it, and realize the Creator’s order—our mission.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/24/2011, The Zohar

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