What Initiates Revolutions?

Dr. Michael LaitmanDoomed to submit to society, we go through our entire lives so that others will profit at our expense. At the end of the day, they don’t gain anything from this. They are unhappy in their own way since they too are within this cycle.

But today a system of general interconnection is being revealed to us, and it exposes all the problems of the previous, egoistic system. The gap created as a result of this will lead to serious tumults that are greater than those we see today.

People will begin to understand that the entire current system is built in such a way that it just “sucks the blood” from them every single moment. We are all exposed to the constant, psychological manipulation of the big egoists, “the great of this world.” And by the way, they are also in line for manipulation by the general system, but at a different level of hierarchy.

I am worried that eventually this revelation will result in an outburst of feelings and that from then on, we will move towards fraternal wars and a world war. A revolution begins when a person’s eyes open up: It turns out that he is taken advantage of unjustly, and without his agreement. He can not accept that. He senses the disclosure of the “snake” that sucks his veins in a very shrewd way; he feels that his “I,” his ego, his honor, is injured. He is ready to do anything in order to destroy this “poisonous snake,” even if it costs him his life.

I hope that we go in a different direction because this way has great suffering awaiting us. We need to discover everything is the Creator’s Light. We must attract the Light that Reforms, and it will show us how to arrange everything.

And as to the “explosion” scenario, we must take it to those who have power and influence so that they will see what may happen if things go wrong. Then they will want to participate in the dissemination of the knowledge of mutual guarantee and the education of people. However in any case, this integral education roots in our inner force, and it will drip like an infusion into the circulatory system of the world.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/2011, “Peace in the World”

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  1. 156. When they are covered with darkness, they turn into a serpent with two heads, and move like a serpent. They soar in the void and bathe in the Great Sea, and when they approach the chains of Aza and Azael, they rile and rouse them and leap into the mountains of darkness, thinking that the Creator wishes to bring justice upon them.

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