Why Is Our Time So Special?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is dissemination in our time counted as real spiritual work?

Answer: The world has changed and has become ready for it. We were preparing ourselves for this time and could continue to just study and not go out to the public, remaining in a state of expectation like an engine in neutral. That is, the engine is running, but at a very low speed and idling. There is barely a zing of life in it.

In this state, we could exist until the end of our lives as the Kabbalists of the past did, but they lived in a different time when they could reveal all these properties with no connection with the lower. However, we are in a situation when we cannot realize our spiritual vessel without connection with people because it needs to communicate with the desires of the general public.

Therefore, without dissemination, we will achieve nothing besides what we already have. We could spend another five to ten years with little progress. We are developing, adding new groups, but this adds to us very little desire with which we could work and from which we would be able to reach the Creator. To do this, we need the desire of the degree lower in relation to us, not coming from the point of the heart: The desire that comes from integral connection.

If the connection had not been revealed that now is seen between all parts of humanity—broken and terrible, protectionistic, full of hatred, and rejection of others with the desire to use one another—we would not have been able to get from people their desire. Humanity has suffered throughout all of millennia not less than today and even much more. However, today, its desire acquired a new quality that comes from the corrupt network of connection between people.

That is why we can take their desire and raise them to the Creator. They already have what needs to be corrected! There is no need to correct the desire of any person. It is necessary to correct just the connection between them, the overall network. It was not revealed in the past, and that is why Kabbalists could not get closer to people. In our days, the crisis is manifested as a consequence of the broken network of connections revealed as the cause of the crisis. Thus, we can take the damaged connections between people and correct them.

We work only with these connections and not with the desires caused by a lack of money, health, family problems, children, and work. No matter what individual desires exist in everyone, the main thing is that, in our days, they are revealed in such a form that they cannot be solved by conventional methods. It was possible in the past, but not today.

We see that science, psychology, medicine, human relationships, parenting, and the attitude to work all falls apart because it is discovered that there is a corrupt network of connections between us. It is revealed as the cause of all evil. Kabbalists are aware of this, but, according to studies, ordinary science also is beginning to come to such conclusions.

That is why we can take this corrupt network and ask for its correction. That is what needs to be corrected because during the breaking, no vessel was broken. Its connections with others were broken. Therefore, all the corrections are made in your relationships with others. As it is written, “Don’t do unto others what you would not want done to you,” “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and “You shall love your Maker.” All corrections apply only to connections.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13

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