Don’t Hold Onto Your Pocket, But To Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we organize our life in a way that we live by helping each other as in a big family, then we will improve our level twice as much with the same resources. There will be such a difference, as if I started receiving a doubled salary, and it only depends on the connection between us.

Double benefit, the double fulfillment of AHP, will convince people. But we know that this is not the most important thing. The Creator awakens us not to get double fulfillment, but to correct the connection between us, and in it to reveal the upper force. The Creator is revealed not in us individually, but between us.

For the time being, it is called Lo Lishma. We attract a person through his material gain, and we are not deceiving him! He will really feel better, he will have more prosperity, more confidence, a more peaceful life.

We invest in this intention, that is, we are in the connections of this general crystal structure, and the rest of people are in its nodes, are its elements; everyone is still in his own desire. But it is only temporary, they will begin to value the connection between them, understanding that their salvation is in it. A person will begin to cherish this connection, honor it. He will understand that it is has a high value in itself and it is more worthwhile to hold onto it than to his own pocket.

This connection gives a heartfelt, inner satisfaction, uplifts a person’s spirit, gives a feeling of greater freedom and less anxiety. These are just egoistic motives that allow a person to rise above his problems. But later he will see that even without the pressure of problems, he wants to belong to this high feeling of unity. And then he is so imbued with it that he will agree to any problems only to keep this elevated feeling.

That is, he will begin to reveal the evil of egoism, will separate it from good, and will establish a barrier (Machsom), a screen (Masach) between them making the restriction, and organizing himself on the spiritual principle.

The main thing for us is to be in the connection of the structure and not to sink into its nodes, into its problems. We talk to people about their problems but only to think about how to reveal the good, correct connection in the system, and constantly reinforce it.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13

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  1. Parents love their children equally. Also the rebellious teenagers who tell the parents they hate them. As maturity comes, regret and repentance pour into the hearts and love fills the entire family – the whole world. United humanity stand against the forces of destruction until only love is left as the guiding force.

    Those who live by the sword will die by it. Those who live with love, integrity and compassion will win the war.

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