A Sense Of Responsibility For Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator weighs each moment of our lives. At this time we are willing to unite and keep talking about this desire like little children, and in a couple of hours everything changes and this desire of ours disappears. It’s not as vital as it may seem since it’s a cumulative process that sums up our good states and brings them to a state called “Seah” (measure.) Seah signifies a final stage of our efforts when the upper world reveals Itself to us. We should have many more minutes like these! All of them gather together above making the Path that leads us to the Upper Light divulge itself to us.

At this convention, we did a great job. For the first time ever in Europe it became clear why we need Kabbalah and what our mission is in the world.

A time for rigid changes has come; it requires our interference. We cannot afford losing even a minute. When we feel just a hint of inspiration, we should enhance it and transfer it to our friends. This is what Rabash writes about in his articles about the group.

We should constantly keep in mind that the Creator reveals Himself among us: in the family, between husbands and wives, in a group (of at least two friends). The larger the number of people, the higher the probability of His revelation is and the faster this process goes. “More people” means more problems, so our advancement gets more intense.

We see that the entire world gradually joins this process. Our direct obligation is to participate in it, since we are the only ones who possess a methodology of attracting the Light that has to illuminate this world.

The phrase “ascending the next step” means that it’s the Light that descends to us and illuminates us. The Light comes down from Ein Sof  (world of infinity) through all the worlds until it reaches our realm. On its way, it illuminates all other worlds. After it reaches the last step, all of them “curl” into one world: Ein Sof.

The entire creation can be presented as one big circle with our world placed in the center of it; the Light gradually descends into this world by a thin line (Kav) through the five worlds of Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya. We are at the very bottom of them, in the very central point. The Light is right in front of us. It’s our obligation to allow the Light to penetrate this material world after it travels through the upper worlds. As soon as the Light descends along the line and enters the central point, the line of its descent immediately transfers into a circle that is completely full of the Light.

A Sense Of Responsibility For Everything

Generally speaking, the Light is always present in this reality, although we don’t feel it. This world is full of the Light of Infinity, the Creator Himself, Bore, the property of absolute and complete bestowal and love; this is why this level is hidden from us. When we fill our world with the Light and the entire creation transitions into absolute bestowal, then the whole volume of the world of infinity is revealed to us. It’s a steady cumulative process; that’s why at every given moment we have to apply as much effort as we can, as it is said: “Many coins accumulate into a big account.”

At this time, we are facing another problem: the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) starts pressing this world, thus causing a sensation of a crisis in us. The difference between our world and the spiritual world (the Delta – ∆) instigates the crisis that happens because of an incongruity of the properties associated with this world and the qualities of the upper worlds. We can feel it.

When the entire world becomes at least slightly similar to us, even though they won’t know or understand that it happens to them under the influence of the Upper Light, they will still start moving in the direction of unity. Then, an approximate resemblance between this reality and the upper worlds will manifest itself; it will lead humanity to diminish stress and obtain harmony. Everyday problems, crises, bankruptcies, fears of ecologic turmoil, uncertainties about the future, all will come to balance. So, everything depends on us. It’s our direct duty to work on it.

This is why our next step is “we,” meaning a European group that acts as one team and disseminates integral education. We have to study Kabbalah in order to attract the Upper Light. We have to spread integral education to the entire world so that humanity receives the Light.

The world won’t even understand what kind of Light they get; people will continue uniting, since they will realize that it’s much better for them to stay connected. However, since the process of their linking together will be happening under our supervision, the Upper Light will descend to them as well and they will feel that they are united. This feeling will allow them to succeed and overcome the consequences of the crisis.

The fact that it all became possible because of our methodology might not even cross their minds. As a matter of fact, it’s even better if they don’t realize this fact. Does it really matter if a child understands who is in charge of his or her upbringing? The main thing is that he grows. It’s about the natural property of bestowal. We have to learn from the relationships with our children. If we transfer the same pattern to the rest of the world, it will be wonderful! So, our primary duty is to unite and help each other to disseminate integral education and upbringing in the countries of our origin, in our native tongues to various types of mentalities.

I understand that you aspire to study Kabbalah and that you really want to know what original sources say about your personal experiences and sensations. However, there won’t be any personal experiences whatsoever until we start intermingling with the external world.

Have no doubts that at some point in my life I was not very preoccupied with externality. All I wanted was to sit alone and study the materials; I was sure that I would reveal the upper world to myself this way, by detaching from external reality.

It won’t work this way. We deal with a condition that we have to observe, otherwise nothing will work. At some point, it was quite enough to have a group that we belonged to in which we worked and that allowed us to connect with others. Today, we won’t be able to unite in the group if we don’t share our knowledge with the rest of the world. It’s very important for you to understand.

Personally, I don’t need all of this. My task is to present the methodology of correction to you, to teach you the ways to resurrect the general soul that is called Adam, and to give you a technique of fulfilling it with the Upper Light so that all of you (as it is said in Kabbalah sources) during this lifetime, from this realm, will feel other worlds and enter the state of infinity and eternity, meaning you would sense the balance of nature, rise above death, and elevate beyond all feasible problems.

This is the most important thing that you should understand and always bear in mind.

So, if we manage to unite, in the nearest future we will achieve success since Europe is created particularly to serve this purpose. If our meeting happened in South America, or Asia, or Russia, I would not be saying this. Europe needs this process very much! Partially, it applies to North America, since the crisis will hit these areas before any others and will spread further on.

If we disseminate this methodology in Europe and in North America, the crisis will stop and all of humankind will not experience it any longer. Otherwise, the waves of European and North American crisis will spread throughout the entire world destroying everything on its way. So, we are the ones who are responsible for what is going on in the world now.
From the Germany Convention 3/24/13, Lesson 6

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