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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Section 32: The fourth period is the work after rising from the dead. It means that the desire to receive that completely disappeared died and was buried, rises from the dead in its biggest and worst appearance, as it is said, “In the future, the dead will rise with all their defects”…

These defects were in them from the start.  They were not healed and corrected and so after the “death” of the desire to receive, an opportunity to discover these defects appears to complete the correction. This is about that part of desire that could not be corrected in the framework of the second restriction.

The difference here is enormous. You see, the second restriction is different from the first restriction in the Kli of perception. It is no accident that we view the world through a “hole” in the center of the pupil. According to that principle, we also can understand the other senses. The characteristic of Malchut included in Bina is discovered everywhere in us.

Generally, the senses must be like Bina to some degree. Otherwise, we would not be prepared to comprehend anything, but in this mechanism, Malchut is required also, the female characteristic, the void of a desire lacking fulfillment, the need that remains.

This stage of Malchut and Bina is formed in the second restriction, according to the law of root and branch, and this influences our physical senses. As Malchut, they make it possible for external stimuli to enter inward, and at the same time let Bina reflect, reject them.

On the other hand, how is it possible to imagine the Kli from the first restriction and grasp it? This is no longer the hole in the pupil.

Question: Perhaps we then create conditions for rising toward a great adherence?

Answer: Right, all my senses disappear, passing to the outside, to the collective system. Whether I want it or not, my old comprehension disappears without a trace, and I stop feeling as I did previously and feel something else now: The network that connects everything. There my sight, hearing, senses of smell, taste, and touch operate.

So, I transform my personal, particular, corporeal, “animal” vessels to the shared vessels of the group “body,” the network of communication between us all, constructed from mutual influence, mutual unity. In this unity, beyond rejection, enviously, arrogance, hatred, above the burning fire, all sorts of good relationships and communications stream between friends, and with this flow the friends discover a particular arrangement that contracts into ten Sefirot, or five phases, and the Lights are discovered in these phases—Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya and Yechida—corresponding to the five senses.

Our world remains the same for me, and simultaneously I see an inner network that penetrates everything around, but so far eluded my comprehension. This network is like a cellular network, only it conveys the connection between us. It connects not between cell phones but between emotional and mental receivers, doing this on a permanent basis without needing to dial someone’s number.

Now, I see what we transmit to each other in this network and do not become confused. On the contrary, everything is completely natural, for suddenly it becomes clear: This is my soul (Neshama), the closest and dearest thing that I have, my life; I never tire of it; rather, I only want to fill it with strength. I want to help this network so that it will become unified, coherent, balanced, and stable. With it, I discover vessels and Lights, thoughts and events. I live in it now and am concerned only about the welfare of my brothers and friends for the sake of the Creator that is discovered in this network of the Shechina.

Question: How is this consistent with the excessive desire about which Baal HaSulam writes?

Answer: Take, for example, the cellular network that is celebrating its 40th birthday, the day of the first conversation from a cellular telephone. In the beginning, it was basic, yet, with time, it acquired new characteristics and capabilities. Thus, our inner network also receives additional strength in contrast to the depth of an opposing desire. You see, only resistance, a resistor under tension, increases power.

Today, instead of the first, simple devices, the world is full of smart phones that not only know how to call but send messages, surf the web, navigate, play, and so on. They provide us with a wide and varied communication that is improving all the time.

We aspire instinctively to create a cellular network that is like the spiritual network, containing all the information. Although these dreams won’t materialize, ultimately, humans will recognize their powerlessness, and then, as usual, there will be the crisis, and after that, they will understand what kind of mutual communication we are speaking about. You see, instead of the wonders of modern technology, we require a true, internal communication, and it is specifically that to which humans subconsciously are drawn.

I cannot say exactly in which direction things will develop. In fact, today people are searching for connection with others due to their own interests. The present means of communication are not affected by their independence. Rather, it’s the opposite. They distance people from each other and help our ego to live quietly. A telephone conversation preserves distance between us. It is always possible to shut it off. This is a wonderful support for our ego. The person doesn’t owe anything to anyone and simultaneously maintains communication with everyone.

People always yearn for communication of this kind, “behind the curtain,” that ensures immunity and simultaneously satisfies curiosity. Communication like this relaxes our ego. Meanwhile, governments fully utilize this tool for surveillance and collecting information.

In general, humanity naturally uses the results of its progress for evil first. And what will happen next? We will see.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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