When The World Shrinks To A Point

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Section 47:holy vegetative.” The nature of its Light is like the corporeal vegetative: There are distinct differences in motion in each of its elements….

The essential difference between the vegetative level and the animate level depends on the program. A person is spiritually born on the still level, and on the vegetative level, he absorbs the program of development and realizes it.

This is the qualitative addition of the vegetative level where we begin to absorb the process taking place in creation, the changes from state to state. So, we study the development of a basic cell, the developmental force, the development of signs and stimuli, and the need for development. This means everything relevant to development and to understanding it, we acquire this on the vegetative level.

The still level supplies me with only a source for nullification of the self. After that, I will want to nullify myself on a higher level and am now ready to accept all the acts of the Creator in this regard. Thus, I develop, “gain weight,” based on that point of nullification of the self on which the entire still level focuses to rise to the level of the vegetative.

At first, I completely finish correction of my 613 desires, thoughts, and intentions, on the still level. Then, an opportunity which I never could have dreamed of before is revealed to me. Suddenly, opened before me is a new world and all that fills it. I now can connect to all of my previous levels for the sake of this opportunity. I didn’t have a need for this up until now. Now, I see something higher that is connected to one point in contrast to all that was until now. Thus, I include the summary of the connection of the still level within the vegetative level.

Obviously, all this is taking place with the help of the Light that Reforms and with the help of concentration, the conclusion of the previous level and the ascent to the next level. Thanks to the Light, I already acquire readiness to nullify myself in every movement. In other words, every time I nullify myself, new forms are clothed in me that are, in sum, a movement. I nullify myself not in regard to the present state, rather through estimating and speculating about the next state. I already have some ability. So, all that the Creator will do, all will be for the good, and He will do precisely the opposite of my desire.

So, on the vegetative level, there is an addition of devotion to the program of development and not to the state itself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/13, Writings of Rabash

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