Circles That Do Not Intersect

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Maggid from Kozintz, “The Work of Israel”: Our sages said “dispersion is good for the wicked and convention is good for the righteous,” and this is according to what the Ari said about the round worlds in which no circle touches the other, and it is there that the shattering occurred until the world is honestly corrected. This means that the mind of the circles is like someone who turns himself and rounds up and becomes separated from his Creator and believes that he manages himself by his own desire and is arrogant in saying “I will rule,” which is the shattering. And thus the wicked each feels arrogant saying in his heart “I will rule” and so they are in a world of separation and cannot connect like circles, since they feel that they cannot dwell together, and thus the dispersion is good for them.

If people cannot control their ego, they will be better off staying away from one another. Thus, they become compatible with the upper system.

The upper system is made of round and straight vessels. A straight desire means that a person can be direct and connect “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator.” He can control his desire to enjoy, and to the extent that he controls it, he can use it for the benefit of others. He begins to feel that these people are not strangers but actually are him.

What I used to think was “me” was only my animal body, while my human essence was external to me. All of humanity is actually my spiritual “self, “although they all seem to be external to me now and although it seems I would like to move away from them or use them to harm them.

It turns out that I use my spiritual body for the benefit of corporeality until I begin to understand that my real body, my soul, is actually external to me. However, if I am still in my ego, then the further away we are from one another, the better. If we connect, it only becomes worse.

So, in order to hasten the evolution of humanity within my egoistic desire to enjoy, a new program suddenly is activated, a new direction. Suddenly, we decide to connect. We connected in a common market and everything collapsed, especially in order to hasten the recognition of evil. In fact, only dispersion is good for the wicked, which means for those who use their ego.

After all, it is like the round vessels in the upper worlds. If a vessel doesn’t have a Masach (screen) yet, it is totally round and doesn’t touch the other. If there is a Masach, the whole vessel becomes straight, and these straight channels connect and begin to influence one another mutually. Therefore, connection is good for the righteous.

If all the desires have Masachim and they use it for mutual benefit, they all connect and are nourished by one common pipe that provides the Light for everyone. It turns out that using the society is for the better only when we are under the Masach and receive everything as one vessel.

So, different corporations and commercial and cultural ties only hasten the recognition of evil. After all, the wicked connect only to discover as quickly as possible the need to move on to a different form of life.

We must look at the world like the spiritual world. The spiritual world is made totally of straight vessels, and the circles are made by us from the desires that we cannot use for the time being. So, we restrict them like Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity) that restricted itself and remained round, and then creates a straight line to the extent that it is in its power.

We must take an example from it, although it is very difficult to build a straight line. After the first restriction, only a thin line is created in the center of the great empty circle, but it is that straight line that we need! After all, it is what determines the level of our adhesion to the Creator.

When we complete the formation of this line, we add it to everything that we can, and only the “heart of stone,” the part that we cannot correct, remains outside. Then, a special action called Rav Paalim uMekabtziel takes place, which completes the correction.

We shouldn’t look at the history of mankind as at the life of animate bodies but as at the evolutions of parts of the desire whose suffering constantly grows. As a result, the suffering accumulates to such an extent that we suddenly understand that we are living under the leadership of the “angel of death,” of our ego.

The more the world develops, the more connected and the more global it becomes. The wicked connect and discover the ego and our powerlessness, and help us reach the recognition of evil as quickly as possible. Let’s hope that our group will serve as a role model for humanity and will help it understand what needs to be done. On the other hand, everyone will have to recognize the evil in him by himself as a result of the blows that the current crisis brings.
From the Men’s Convention “The Next Step” 4/26/13, Lesson 1

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