Swept Up From Darkness By A Ray Of Light

Dr. Michael Laitman“Round vessels” are of great importance to us because they contain all the Light of the final correction. All the Light that we are still unable to accept, up to the very end of correction, exists in round spheres and pressures us from there. It takes care of us, reaches us as Light that Reforms, and serves as the Surrounding as well as Inner Lights.

We receive everything from round spheres. Our whole development occurs due to them because while I still lack a spiritual vessel (and we never have a vessel for the next degree), I am situated under the pressure of round spheres. The vessel is cleansed by the Surrounding Light, and this Light exists in round spheres.

For this reason, I experience discomfort; I am thrown from one place to another like in a magnetic field that attracts and pushes me away. After all, I am still unable to control myself and be filled with the help of the screen, the “line” (Kav). Therefore, the spheres affect me.

General governance of the world also occurs through round spheres. Hence, our world is called “round”: global or integral. The circle as if is closed here: The upper governance is revealed. And until we begin to perceive it through a screen, like “direct” influence, it is revealed from Above as a “round sphere” (Igulim), which saves us from doing foolish things and blowing up the world instead of reaching the goal that is assigned to us.

Round spheres control us until we are able to take control into our own hands by accepting it from the Creator. And then it will not be called “direct” from our side. To the extent that we accept governance and control of all creation from the Creator and begin to work, we will begin to build a straight line.

But today we are 100% controlled by the round spheres. There is just one tiny spark in each of us that is illuminated by the direct ray of Light (Kav Yashar).

A straight ray of Light comes through to us from Above through all the spheres and rouses a spark in us that summons us to begin working in this direct channel upward. And everything else remains under the control of round spheres. Therefore, the whole world, where we don’t feel this awakening in the point in the heart due to the direct ray of Light, exists in round spheres.

With the awakening of the point in the heart we receive an opportunity to unite “Israel, Torah, and the Creator” as one whole in that same direct line that comes to us through all the spheres. In this case, the round spheres also become different because as the line comes through them, it fills them and creates differences. Thus I begin to feel discomfort: I ask about the meaning of life and the essence of what is happening. I already feel some excitement from within and without.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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