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Spiritual Vaccination

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur spiritual work according to the method that we receive from studying Kabbalah is similar to a medical vaccination against a disease, when a healthy body is “given” a little bit of disease: The body produces antibodies and can resist the disease.

Similarly, our desire is vaccinated against egoism: We reveal its evil in advance before its full manifestation. This is done through the group work, by drawing the upper correcting Light in which we gradually discover our egoistic properties as evil. And a person does not go by the path of suffering from egoism to health, the property of bestowal and love of other; but restricting his egoism in advance, working against it in the group and studying, under the influence of OM, he goes towards the goal, similarity with the Creator, i.e., the revelation of the Creator within himself, by a short path of correction Achishena, experiencing the disease in its small manifestation within himself, voluntarily.

Humanity needs to recognize its natural egoism as a disease. Nature shows its defect on us ourselves. Long suffering is required to identify the disease and how to cure it.

Kabbalah offers a short and kind path to correction instead of this long and unkind path. But even in advance, still at the early stage of its development, we need to recognize it as evil, which we need to get rid of, to realize the need to be vaccinated, i.e., to go through it in a small dose and never get sick again, to become healthy, build a new life.

The essence of dissemination is to gradually explain to people what the cause of their troubles is, our egoistic nature, and how to heal it by means of the method of a simple “vaccination.”

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Everything Begins From The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to construct our work according to a precise arrangement.

1. I cannot turn to the whole, to the general public, before I am included with the group (group of ten).

2. Only after I am included in it, do I receive the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif).

3. After that I influence the whole, people, which we call “education.”

4. We unite with them.

5. I bring the whole of them to the group, which is called bringing the “Nations of the World” to “Israel,” and all merit discovery of the Creator.

From the group I transfer to the whole (←) and from the whole back to the group (→), and by means of the Surrounding Light we receive Inner Light (Ohr Pnimi). Because now we have a Kli, a desire to receive, together with the intention.

I am simply found in the middle, implementing the action. I work in a group with Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), and with the public, which is the AHP, and I am left in the middle of the Upper Third (1/3) of Tifferet where there is free choice.

Therefore, if I am not included in a group, I have nowhere to begin. Each one of my steps must begin from this inclusion and this is the most important action and the foundation of all actions. If there is inclusion, then it is possible to continue to act; if there is no inclusion, then it is impossible to continue. For after this I act not with my own powers, but specifically through the power of the mutual inclusion that I received from the group, thanks to submission. My individual power is egoistic and only through nullification of my ego, through inclusion among the friends (1), can I receive from them the power of bestowal with whose help I turn to the general public (2).

Everything Begins From The Group

And then I work with it also according to how I did this with the group of ten. My inclusion within the society is like inclusion with my baby to whom I want to give everything good. I don’t condescend; rather, I bow my head before the public with love.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/13, Talk About the Groups of Ten

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A Merciful Attitude From One’s Father

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When does a student become close to you like a son?

Answer: When he becomes an absolutely loyal assistant, and for him, when my state becomes more important than his state. This is called “spiritual slavery.”

Only then can we speak about our being close, which is called adhesion (Dvekut). It is because now his whole life is dedicated to fulfilling my mission. Then he “enters” me and follows this path. This is called adhesion: GE of the lower enters the AHP of the upper. This isn’t a single action but continuous work.

On the whole, temptations such as respect, glory, attaining something in this world, and the existence of the egoistic self are very typical of talented students and are very dangerous. They find different justifications for their actions, but there is no justification for that.

Therefore, there are students whom I consciously treat coldly, distantly, reject them, and display a certain hostility and suspicion towards them on purpose, although they believe that I really treat them coldly.

I treat them like a father who shows his son that he doesn’t treat him mercifully, and that he should be on guard. There are those who are repelled by this while others continue to hold on. The righteous follow this way, understanding the right attraction in this rejection as they try to get closer to the teacher, while the wicked flee.

The Creator leads us on an identical path. The teacher’s attitude is simply revealed more clearly to his student. After all, it is the teacher’s job to convey the Creator’s attitude to his student in a more explicit manner.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/24/13

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At The Base Of All The Upper Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to reach the right desire for spirituality without having to encounter any problems in the corporeal world?

Answer: There are no corporeal problems. The corporeal world doesn’t exist separately from the spiritual world. Everything belongs to the spiritual world. The corporeal form that we feel now only seems corporeal since we perceive it without the right intention; this should be established by our own efforts. We were simply born this way with shattered desires.

The feeling in the shattered vessel, without any independent intention and only according to the vessel’s development plan, is called the corporeal world. This means that corporeality is what I feel without making any efforts. In order to feel spirituality, I have to focus myself in a certain manner, and only then will I be able to feel it. These actions are called corrections.

Our world is actually the base of the whole system of the spiritual world. The system of the upper worlds is revealed in the form of additional connections between all the elements of reality. This network is called the upper worlds.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/12/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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