Draw Power From The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we create the right atmosphere today for the Unity Evening at Kibbutz Gaash?

Answer: It is not enough that we speak, we must act. So which physical actions will arouse us so that we will want to serve the external public and turn for its sake from the group to the Creator?

In a group I must nullify myself in spite of rejection, tiredness, and hatred towards the friends, and also in dissemination work I again nullify myself in spite of rejection, hatred, scorn, and ridicule from the public. I have the opportunity to nullify myself everywhere; there are no lack of problems. It is not enough that they “reject” me from two directions; rather, I ask only one thing from the Creator, that He will give me the strength to continue this work. That is how I “scrub” all the dirt of the ego from myself, layer after layer, until I am cleansed, will be pure, and rise to the level of “bestowal in order to bestow.”

During this work I am thrown in all directions, I make various calculations, until finally I truly reach “bestowal in order to bestow” and really work like an ant that doesn’t need anything for itself and has no life of its own.

Let’s go back to the Unity Evening. Which actions can be “imprinted” to demonstrate the work with the group with the general public that is directed towards the Creator? The main thing is to convey some kind of understanding of this work  to people, and on the other hand to exercise free choice. I nullify myself towards the public, towards the group and the Creator, transfer the center of gravity within this range of self-nullification to the intention of the actions.

It is up to us to express and to convey this in our Unity Evening. We connect the points in the hearts. Without this we don’t advance. Specifically the successful events of this type open opportunities for acts of spiritual bestowal before us.

The most serious situations have been offered to us for practical work that never before were given to Kabbalists for practical achievement. No generation before us was given the opportunity to connect the general public in a variety of places to the spiritual concept of connection between everyone, according to the principle “and you shall love your friend as yourself.”

It is clear that we act as much as we can, but this power needs to be drawn from the group. This power is derived from the connection between us. We are united in the face of all the tension, the rejection, the tiredness, and the unpleasant states and convey to people the sum of the individual forces, the collective intensity, of the connection between us.

It will be more and more difficult for us to connect, and through the overcoming that we do we can measure the power that we convey to others. The greater this power is, the greater the resistance, until we reach the state of the students of Rabbi Shimon that initially hated each other intensely, and after that received power from the connection to rise above the hatred. Before such potential, the entire world will be calmed and will accept this help.

Therefore, I don’t bring my power and my excitement from the group to people, but rather the connection between all the points, the collective power that I have acquired among the friends. And only from this will they be excited.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/13, Preparation to Unity Evenings

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