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Not For The Sake Of Success In This World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe invest great efforts in dissemination sincerely aching for success, but unfortunately, we cannot make bring connection with the upper force into this work. And most importantly, we can’t attract the Creator to our external actions to use Him to succeed in the external mission in our area or in the entire world, that is, to transfer our goal from Him outside.

On the contrary, the whole world and all the work must be a means of connection with the Creator! We seemingly use Him in the opposite direction, to succeed in this world. Whereas, the whole world is needed in order to achieve connection with the Creator. That needs to be changed in order to constantly specify the right direction, turning our intention from ourselves to the Creator.

This has to be in absolutely everything: I knock on the door, talk to someone, but inside I constantly have to keep in mind that by every word and every action I strengthen my relationship with the Creator. I bring these external desires to the Creator to approach Him, to Divinity, and thus, I build the basis for His revelation in the entire world.

This is a constant work until the end of correction. New vessels will be revealed for us every moment, new disturbances, egoistic desires that try to tear us away from the Creator. The Creator does this on purpose, wanting to strengthen our connection. This is a kind of “flirting:” He seems to distance Himself from us, to push us away so that we hold onto Him more strongly.

This is the work, all the 125 degrees. It is revealed in various forms that appear like pictures of this world. This world is the outer wrapping in which we must use every detail, every action, every scene of this play, in order to attach everything to the Creator and unite with Him.

Only the environment will help, which is described by Rabash. We are in this big and strong group. While on a trip, far from the central group, I see how the distance helps. On the one hand, physical distance makes a person further from the Creator and separates from Him, and at the same time, every moment gives the opportunity to return to the center of the group and draw more and more strength from there.

Therefore, only through our connection, where everyone tries to constantly keep in the same thought, will we succeed. You will later become convinced that the entire Torah speaks only of how to neutralize the picture of this world in order to feel inside it the upper force to such an extent that we will begin to see Its actions: the way this force moves, controls, and manages all atoms, all people. We will see that they themselves are just obedient shadows, following that higher force. All these images are presented to us not to look at them—people or nature—but to reveal the force of nature through them.

Only the friends, only the group, in which everyone apply efforts, will be able to support us and return the correct intention to those who have lost it. We need to talk about this constantly and make this connection more and more clear, so that on the basis of this connection we reach out to the external public. Then you will see how strong you have become. It is most important for us to gain strength. Going to the streets for external dissemination is needed not to express ourselves to the people and integrate with them, but to bring them closer to us and to the Creator. That is, the trend should be opposite to our physical actions.

On the physical level, we go out to the public; we want to influence it and build a better life for everyone, for all of humanity, to use the crisis to unite. But at the same time, we need to see behind all these actions that their connection will be linked to us and through us to the upper force. That is, everything must pursue one goal: to return to Divinity all its parts that were lost in the breaking.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/9/13, Writings of Rabash 

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Discovering New Emptiness, Opening The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have learned a very powerful thing in this convention; it is to look at each other more. Then you discover that you can find great joy in the friends while there is great emptiness inside you.

Answer: This is wonderful! You discover new emptiness. There is nothing old. It isn’t the same as it was before and I’m back gnawing at myself again and feeling like I did a couple of months ago, or a couple of years ago, or 20 years ago. Wait, you have more experience, and you say: This is what we went through 15 years ago, and that we went through 20 years ago.”

Every level is ten Sefirot. They revolve in us, and you feel as if nothing happens; everything is the same! Even when we reach the end of correction, we discover that everything is the same as it was. Only a person’s attitude towards everything changes, and so he sees a new world. He rises above life and death, above the speed of light.

The emptiness that is discovered is a wonderful thing. I don’t understand why you should weep about that. What powers can be revealed in me when I begin to feel that I am smaller than everyone else, when I get closer to the friends! At what speed do I run to them just to be part of and lost among them! What can be better than this gift? How else can you be spurred?

Question: Nothing is more wonderful than that, but the problem is that the veil that covers the heart doesn’t come off…

Answer: What you feel now is growing estrangement from others, and to the extent the friends are connected, loyal, and close to one another, you are not; this means that the veil has already been lowered, or at least a certain layer of it.

There is a saying: “After seven layers of skin.” This isn’t just a saying; it refers to the seven layers of the seven lower Sefirot of the Partzuf (the seven Sefirot that receive).

The layers come off gradually, one after the other, and thanks to that, the emptiness that you are beginning to feel inside you compared to the great general intention, the pleasure, the desire, the yearning that your friends have, is revealed. You feel that there is life there, that something is boiling there, whereas inside, you feel cold, dark emptiness. This is the opening of the heart. Gradually your heart is opened and the veil comes off. You should be glad about that.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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Becoming The Ruler Of The Plan Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe group needs to convince each and every one that they are directed by the Creator and that there is nothing that appears by itself, i.e., that only He controls everything, “There is none else besides Him.” And thus I need to see the Creator in each one of the friends.

Together with that, I don’t nullify or show distaste to the friend by claiming that he is like a puppet that is controlled by a foreign hand. No! On the contrary, I compare and identify him with the Creator. Think about that!

When I said that someone is operated by the Creator, I can think that he is like a puppet on a string, and I can also say the opposite, “No, whoever is before me is a revelation of the Creator.” We learn in the system of the perception of reality that everything around us is a revelation of the Creator. When a person reaches such a state and works clearly in this manner, not just philosophizing, then he really enters the correct feeling of the reality.

We need to talk about the greatness of the Creator, but not philosophize and utter slogans. And it is possible also not to talk about it, but the importance of this force that holds all the creation and directs everything by becoming adhered to Divinity, needs to be with every one of us like the soul of the world. And everything that happens, happens as a result of the presence of this force.

Thus the greatness isn’t expressed through all kinds of cosmological activities, but by this being directed to each one of us so that we, through this picture, will attain Him, the plan of creation, and not by becoming parts but wise rulers of this plan. Unification means that we become Him.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 4

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Questions After the Congress, Part 6

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should interactions between relatives of the opposite sex be like in spiritual work, let’s say between father and daughter or brother and sister, if they both are studying Kabbalah?

Answer: They should be normal, (regular, usual) since these people are related to each other only on this material plane, whereas in the spiritual dimension there are other types of associations between them.

Question: What are the ways for a women’s group to make it easier for them to accept fulfillment from a men’s group for the sake of pleasing the Creator?

Answer: They can achieve it through extending their help and support.

Question: What is a “unified women’s desire?”

Answer: It’s an accumulation of all the women’s desires into one whole that has an image of one woman. Women’s unity is similar to men’s. And yet, it is purely women’s, since this is their nature. As to its implementation, it is the same as men’s.

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“What International Community?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, USA): “Whenever something bad happens – Iran moving closer to acquiring nuclear weapons, … some official or observer will call upon the international community to act. There is only one problem: there is no ‘international community.’

“The United Nations General Assembly comes closest, but little can be expected from an organization that equates the United States or China with, say, Fiji or Guinea-Bissau. …

“No amount of UN reform could make things fundamentally different. Today’s major powers do not agree on the rules that ought to govern the world, much less on the penalties for breaking them. Even where there is accord in principle, there is little agreement in practice. The result is a world that is messier and more dangerous than it should be.”

My Comment: The whole advancement to perfection comes from the “recognition of evil”: the revelation of the imperfection of our egoistic nature. Only when the human being, people, and the world are finally convinced of the total corruption of this nature, the self, and the world will they will be happy to give it up. Then, the upper force of nature will be revealed in their sensations. People ask it to change them, and it corrects them. Everything that happens to us is only to bring us to this event.

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Circles That Do Not Intersect

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Maggid from Kozintz, “The Work of Israel”: Our sages said “dispersion is good for the wicked and convention is good for the righteous,” and this is according to what the Ari said about the round worlds in which no circle touches the other, and it is there that the shattering occurred until the world is honestly corrected. This means that the mind of the circles is like someone who turns himself and rounds up and becomes separated from his Creator and believes that he manages himself by his own desire and is arrogant in saying “I will rule,” which is the shattering. And thus the wicked each feels arrogant saying in his heart “I will rule” and so they are in a world of separation and cannot connect like circles, since they feel that they cannot dwell together, and thus the dispersion is good for them.

If people cannot control their ego, they will be better off staying away from one another. Thus, they become compatible with the upper system.

The upper system is made of round and straight vessels. A straight desire means that a person can be direct and connect “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator.” He can control his desire to enjoy, and to the extent that he controls it, he can use it for the benefit of others. He begins to feel that these people are not strangers but actually are him.

What I used to think was “me” was only my animal body, while my human essence was external to me. All of humanity is actually my spiritual “self, “although they all seem to be external to me now and although it seems I would like to move away from them or use them to harm them.

It turns out that I use my spiritual body for the benefit of corporeality until I begin to understand that my real body, my soul, is actually external to me. However, if I am still in my ego, then the further away we are from one another, the better. If we connect, it only becomes worse.

So, in order to hasten the evolution of humanity within my egoistic desire to enjoy, a new program suddenly is activated, a new direction. Suddenly, we decide to connect. We connected in a common market and everything collapsed, especially in order to hasten the recognition of evil. In fact, only dispersion is good for the wicked, which means for those who use their ego.

After all, it is like the round vessels in the upper worlds. If a vessel doesn’t have a Masach (screen) yet, it is totally round and doesn’t touch the other. If there is a Masach, the whole vessel becomes straight, and these straight channels connect and begin to influence one another mutually. Therefore, connection is good for the righteous.

If all the desires have Masachim and they use it for mutual benefit, they all connect and are nourished by one common pipe that provides the Light for everyone. It turns out that using the society is for the better only when we are under the Masach and receive everything as one vessel.

So, different corporations and commercial and cultural ties only hasten the recognition of evil. After all, the wicked connect only to discover as quickly as possible the need to move on to a different form of life.

We must look at the world like the spiritual world. The spiritual world is made totally of straight vessels, and the circles are made by us from the desires that we cannot use for the time being. So, we restrict them like Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity) that restricted itself and remained round, and then creates a straight line to the extent that it is in its power.

We must take an example from it, although it is very difficult to build a straight line. After the first restriction, only a thin line is created in the center of the great empty circle, but it is that straight line that we need! After all, it is what determines the level of our adhesion to the Creator.

When we complete the formation of this line, we add it to everything that we can, and only the “heart of stone,” the part that we cannot correct, remains outside. Then, a special action called Rav Paalim uMekabtziel takes place, which completes the correction.

We shouldn’t look at the history of mankind as at the life of animate bodies but as at the evolutions of parts of the desire whose suffering constantly grows. As a result, the suffering accumulates to such an extent that we suddenly understand that we are living under the leadership of the “angel of death,” of our ego.

The more the world develops, the more connected and the more global it becomes. The wicked connect and discover the ego and our powerlessness, and help us reach the recognition of evil as quickly as possible. Let’s hope that our group will serve as a role model for humanity and will help it understand what needs to be done. On the other hand, everyone will have to recognize the evil in him by himself as a result of the blows that the current crisis brings.
From the Men’s Convention “The Next Step” 4/26/13, Lesson 1

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When The World Shrinks To A Point

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Section 47:holy vegetative.” The nature of its Light is like the corporeal vegetative: There are distinct differences in motion in each of its elements….

The essential difference between the vegetative level and the animate level depends on the program. A person is spiritually born on the still level, and on the vegetative level, he absorbs the program of development and realizes it.

This is the qualitative addition of the vegetative level where we begin to absorb the process taking place in creation, the changes from state to state. So, we study the development of a basic cell, the developmental force, the development of signs and stimuli, and the need for development. This means everything relevant to development and to understanding it, we acquire this on the vegetative level.

The still level supplies me with only a source for nullification of the self. After that, I will want to nullify myself on a higher level and am now ready to accept all the acts of the Creator in this regard. Thus, I develop, “gain weight,” based on that point of nullification of the self on which the entire still level focuses to rise to the level of the vegetative.

At first, I completely finish correction of my 613 desires, thoughts, and intentions, on the still level. Then, an opportunity which I never could have dreamed of before is revealed to me. Suddenly, opened before me is a new world and all that fills it. I now can connect to all of my previous levels for the sake of this opportunity. I didn’t have a need for this up until now. Now, I see something higher that is connected to one point in contrast to all that was until now. Thus, I include the summary of the connection of the still level within the vegetative level.

Obviously, all this is taking place with the help of the Light that Reforms and with the help of concentration, the conclusion of the previous level and the ascent to the next level. Thanks to the Light, I already acquire readiness to nullify myself in every movement. In other words, every time I nullify myself, new forms are clothed in me that are, in sum, a movement. I nullify myself not in regard to the present state, rather through estimating and speculating about the next state. I already have some ability. So, all that the Creator will do, all will be for the good, and He will do precisely the opposite of my desire.

So, on the vegetative level, there is an addition of devotion to the program of development and not to the state itself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/13, Writings of Rabash

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Always Connected

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Section 32: The fourth period is the work after rising from the dead. It means that the desire to receive that completely disappeared died and was buried, rises from the dead in its biggest and worst appearance, as it is said, “In the future, the dead will rise with all their defects”…

These defects were in them from the start.  They were not healed and corrected and so after the “death” of the desire to receive, an opportunity to discover these defects appears to complete the correction. This is about that part of desire that could not be corrected in the framework of the second restriction.

The difference here is enormous. You see, the second restriction is different from the first restriction in the Kli of perception. It is no accident that we view the world through a “hole” in the center of the pupil. According to that principle, we also can understand the other senses. The characteristic of Malchut included in Bina is discovered everywhere in us.

Generally, the senses must be like Bina to some degree. Otherwise, we would not be prepared to comprehend anything, but in this mechanism, Malchut is required also, the female characteristic, the void of a desire lacking fulfillment, the need that remains.

This stage of Malchut and Bina is formed in the second restriction, according to the law of root and branch, and this influences our physical senses. As Malchut, they make it possible for external stimuli to enter inward, and at the same time let Bina reflect, reject them.

On the other hand, how is it possible to imagine the Kli from the first restriction and grasp it? This is no longer the hole in the pupil.

Question: Perhaps we then create conditions for rising toward a great adherence?

Answer: Right, all my senses disappear, passing to the outside, to the collective system. Whether I want it or not, my old comprehension disappears without a trace, and I stop feeling as I did previously and feel something else now: The network that connects everything. There my sight, hearing, senses of smell, taste, and touch operate.

So, I transform my personal, particular, corporeal, “animal” vessels to the shared vessels of the group “body,” the network of communication between us all, constructed from mutual influence, mutual unity. In this unity, beyond rejection, enviously, arrogance, hatred, above the burning fire, all sorts of good relationships and communications stream between friends, and with this flow the friends discover a particular arrangement that contracts into ten Sefirot, or five phases, and the Lights are discovered in these phases—Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya and Yechida—corresponding to the five senses.

Our world remains the same for me, and simultaneously I see an inner network that penetrates everything around, but so far eluded my comprehension. This network is like a cellular network, only it conveys the connection between us. It connects not between cell phones but between emotional and mental receivers, doing this on a permanent basis without needing to dial someone’s number.

Now, I see what we transmit to each other in this network and do not become confused. On the contrary, everything is completely natural, for suddenly it becomes clear: This is my soul (Neshama), the closest and dearest thing that I have, my life; I never tire of it; rather, I only want to fill it with strength. I want to help this network so that it will become unified, coherent, balanced, and stable. With it, I discover vessels and Lights, thoughts and events. I live in it now and am concerned only about the welfare of my brothers and friends for the sake of the Creator that is discovered in this network of the Shechina.

Question: How is this consistent with the excessive desire about which Baal HaSulam writes?

Answer: Take, for example, the cellular network that is celebrating its 40th birthday, the day of the first conversation from a cellular telephone. In the beginning, it was basic, yet, with time, it acquired new characteristics and capabilities. Thus, our inner network also receives additional strength in contrast to the depth of an opposing desire. You see, only resistance, a resistor under tension, increases power.

Today, instead of the first, simple devices, the world is full of smart phones that not only know how to call but send messages, surf the web, navigate, play, and so on. They provide us with a wide and varied communication that is improving all the time.

We aspire instinctively to create a cellular network that is like the spiritual network, containing all the information. Although these dreams won’t materialize, ultimately, humans will recognize their powerlessness, and then, as usual, there will be the crisis, and after that, they will understand what kind of mutual communication we are speaking about. You see, instead of the wonders of modern technology, we require a true, internal communication, and it is specifically that to which humans subconsciously are drawn.

I cannot say exactly in which direction things will develop. In fact, today people are searching for connection with others due to their own interests. The present means of communication are not affected by their independence. Rather, it’s the opposite. They distance people from each other and help our ego to live quietly. A telephone conversation preserves distance between us. It is always possible to shut it off. This is a wonderful support for our ego. The person doesn’t owe anything to anyone and simultaneously maintains communication with everyone.

People always yearn for communication of this kind, “behind the curtain,” that ensures immunity and simultaneously satisfies curiosity. Communication like this relaxes our ego. Meanwhile, governments fully utilize this tool for surveillance and collecting information.

In general, humanity naturally uses the results of its progress for evil first. And what will happen next? We will see.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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A Sense Of Responsibility For Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator weighs each moment of our lives. At this time we are willing to unite and keep talking about this desire like little children, and in a couple of hours everything changes and this desire of ours disappears. It’s not as vital as it may seem since it’s a cumulative process that sums up our good states and brings them to a state called “Seah” (measure.) Seah signifies a final stage of our efforts when the upper world reveals Itself to us. We should have many more minutes like these! All of them gather together above making the Path that leads us to the Upper Light divulge itself to us.

At this convention, we did a great job. For the first time ever in Europe it became clear why we need Kabbalah and what our mission is in the world.

A time for rigid changes has come; it requires our interference. We cannot afford losing even a minute. When we feel just a hint of inspiration, we should enhance it and transfer it to our friends. This is what Rabash writes about in his articles about the group.

We should constantly keep in mind that the Creator reveals Himself among us: in the family, between husbands and wives, in a group (of at least two friends). The larger the number of people, the higher the probability of His revelation is and the faster this process goes. “More people” means more problems, so our advancement gets more intense.

We see that the entire world gradually joins this process. Our direct obligation is to participate in it, since we are the only ones who possess a methodology of attracting the Light that has to illuminate this world.

The phrase “ascending the next step” means that it’s the Light that descends to us and illuminates us. The Light comes down from Ein Sof  (world of infinity) through all the worlds until it reaches our realm. On its way, it illuminates all other worlds. After it reaches the last step, all of them “curl” into one world: Ein Sof.

The entire creation can be presented as one big circle with our world placed in the center of it; the Light gradually descends into this world by a thin line (Kav) through the five worlds of Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya. We are at the very bottom of them, in the very central point. The Light is right in front of us. It’s our obligation to allow the Light to penetrate this material world after it travels through the upper worlds. As soon as the Light descends along the line and enters the central point, the line of its descent immediately transfers into a circle that is completely full of the Light.

A Sense Of Responsibility For Everything

Generally speaking, the Light is always present in this reality, although we don’t feel it. This world is full of the Light of Infinity, the Creator Himself, Bore, the property of absolute and complete bestowal and love; this is why this level is hidden from us. When we fill our world with the Light and the entire creation transitions into absolute bestowal, then the whole volume of the world of infinity is revealed to us. It’s a steady cumulative process; that’s why at every given moment we have to apply as much effort as we can, as it is said: “Many coins accumulate into a big account.”

At this time, we are facing another problem: the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) starts pressing this world, thus causing a sensation of a crisis in us. The difference between our world and the spiritual world (the Delta – ∆) instigates the crisis that happens because of an incongruity of the properties associated with this world and the qualities of the upper worlds. We can feel it.

When the entire world becomes at least slightly similar to us, even though they won’t know or understand that it happens to them under the influence of the Upper Light, they will still start moving in the direction of unity. Then, an approximate resemblance between this reality and the upper worlds will manifest itself; it will lead humanity to diminish stress and obtain harmony. Everyday problems, crises, bankruptcies, fears of ecologic turmoil, uncertainties about the future, all will come to balance. So, everything depends on us. It’s our direct duty to work on it.

This is why our next step is “we,” meaning a European group that acts as one team and disseminates integral education. We have to study Kabbalah in order to attract the Upper Light. We have to spread integral education to the entire world so that humanity receives the Light.

The world won’t even understand what kind of Light they get; people will continue uniting, since they will realize that it’s much better for them to stay connected. However, since the process of their linking together will be happening under our supervision, the Upper Light will descend to them as well and they will feel that they are united. This feeling will allow them to succeed and overcome the consequences of the crisis.

The fact that it all became possible because of our methodology might not even cross their minds. As a matter of fact, it’s even better if they don’t realize this fact. Does it really matter if a child understands who is in charge of his or her upbringing? The main thing is that he grows. It’s about the natural property of bestowal. We have to learn from the relationships with our children. If we transfer the same pattern to the rest of the world, it will be wonderful! So, our primary duty is to unite and help each other to disseminate integral education and upbringing in the countries of our origin, in our native tongues to various types of mentalities.

I understand that you aspire to study Kabbalah and that you really want to know what original sources say about your personal experiences and sensations. However, there won’t be any personal experiences whatsoever until we start intermingling with the external world.

Have no doubts that at some point in my life I was not very preoccupied with externality. All I wanted was to sit alone and study the materials; I was sure that I would reveal the upper world to myself this way, by detaching from external reality.

It won’t work this way. We deal with a condition that we have to observe, otherwise nothing will work. At some point, it was quite enough to have a group that we belonged to in which we worked and that allowed us to connect with others. Today, we won’t be able to unite in the group if we don’t share our knowledge with the rest of the world. It’s very important for you to understand.

Personally, I don’t need all of this. My task is to present the methodology of correction to you, to teach you the ways to resurrect the general soul that is called Adam, and to give you a technique of fulfilling it with the Upper Light so that all of you (as it is said in Kabbalah sources) during this lifetime, from this realm, will feel other worlds and enter the state of infinity and eternity, meaning you would sense the balance of nature, rise above death, and elevate beyond all feasible problems.

This is the most important thing that you should understand and always bear in mind.

So, if we manage to unite, in the nearest future we will achieve success since Europe is created particularly to serve this purpose. If our meeting happened in South America, or Asia, or Russia, I would not be saying this. Europe needs this process very much! Partially, it applies to North America, since the crisis will hit these areas before any others and will spread further on.

If we disseminate this methodology in Europe and in North America, the crisis will stop and all of humankind will not experience it any longer. Otherwise, the waves of European and North American crisis will spread throughout the entire world destroying everything on its way. So, we are the ones who are responsible for what is going on in the world now.
From the Germany Convention 3/24/13, Lesson 6

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