Becoming The Ruler Of The Plan Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe group needs to convince each and every one that they are directed by the Creator and that there is nothing that appears by itself, i.e., that only He controls everything, “There is none else besides Him.” And thus I need to see the Creator in each one of the friends.

Together with that, I don’t nullify or show distaste to the friend by claiming that he is like a puppet that is controlled by a foreign hand. No! On the contrary, I compare and identify him with the Creator. Think about that!

When I said that someone is operated by the Creator, I can think that he is like a puppet on a string, and I can also say the opposite, “No, whoever is before me is a revelation of the Creator.” We learn in the system of the perception of reality that everything around us is a revelation of the Creator. When a person reaches such a state and works clearly in this manner, not just philosophizing, then he really enters the correct feeling of the reality.

We need to talk about the greatness of the Creator, but not philosophize and utter slogans. And it is possible also not to talk about it, but the importance of this force that holds all the creation and directs everything by becoming adhered to Divinity, needs to be with every one of us like the soul of the world. And everything that happens, happens as a result of the presence of this force.

Thus the greatness isn’t expressed through all kinds of cosmological activities, but by this being directed to each one of us so that we, through this picture, will attain Him, the plan of creation, and not by becoming parts but wise rulers of this plan. Unification means that we become Him.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 4

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