Questions After the Congress, Part 6

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should interactions between relatives of the opposite sex be like in spiritual work, let’s say between father and daughter or brother and sister, if they both are studying Kabbalah?

Answer: They should be normal, (regular, usual) since these people are related to each other only on this material plane, whereas in the spiritual dimension there are other types of associations between them.

Question: What are the ways for a women’s group to make it easier for them to accept fulfillment from a men’s group for the sake of pleasing the Creator?

Answer: They can achieve it through extending their help and support.

Question: What is a “unified women’s desire?”

Answer: It’s an accumulation of all the women’s desires into one whole that has an image of one woman. Women’s unity is similar to men’s. And yet, it is purely women’s, since this is their nature. As to its implementation, it is the same as men’s.

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