Discovering New Emptiness, Opening The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have learned a very powerful thing in this convention; it is to look at each other more. Then you discover that you can find great joy in the friends while there is great emptiness inside you.

Answer: This is wonderful! You discover new emptiness. There is nothing old. It isn’t the same as it was before and I’m back gnawing at myself again and feeling like I did a couple of months ago, or a couple of years ago, or 20 years ago. Wait, you have more experience, and you say: This is what we went through 15 years ago, and that we went through 20 years ago.”

Every level is ten Sefirot. They revolve in us, and you feel as if nothing happens; everything is the same! Even when we reach the end of correction, we discover that everything is the same as it was. Only a person’s attitude towards everything changes, and so he sees a new world. He rises above life and death, above the speed of light.

The emptiness that is discovered is a wonderful thing. I don’t understand why you should weep about that. What powers can be revealed in me when I begin to feel that I am smaller than everyone else, when I get closer to the friends! At what speed do I run to them just to be part of and lost among them! What can be better than this gift? How else can you be spurred?

Question: Nothing is more wonderful than that, but the problem is that the veil that covers the heart doesn’t come off…

Answer: What you feel now is growing estrangement from others, and to the extent the friends are connected, loyal, and close to one another, you are not; this means that the veil has already been lowered, or at least a certain layer of it.

There is a saying: “After seven layers of skin.” This isn’t just a saying; it refers to the seven layers of the seven lower Sefirot of the Partzuf (the seven Sefirot that receive).

The layers come off gradually, one after the other, and thanks to that, the emptiness that you are beginning to feel inside you compared to the great general intention, the pleasure, the desire, the yearning that your friends have, is revealed. You feel that there is life there, that something is boiling there, whereas inside, you feel cold, dark emptiness. This is the opening of the heart. Gradually your heart is opened and the veil comes off. You should be glad about that.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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