A Melted Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanOne should send the arrows of love into the friend’s heart in his inner intentions. On the outside he should show everyone how inspired he is by spirituality and try to motivate the friends to feel the same. But internally a person should always think about how he can penetrate the friend’s heart.

Corporeal gifts won’t hurt, but they mustn’t replace one’s inner efforts and his true desire to connect. After all, our work is in awakening the inner forces within, the net of forces or the scope of a single force of the Creator. This is the force we connect to in order to penetrate all the hearts and souls.

External gifts can help in our work, but the main goal is to try to tune into this connective system which binds us with one another. In it we reveal our connection and penetrate it. This is called penetrating the heart of the friend.

The deeper I wish to penetrate into the heart of the friend, the more I melt away my own heart. As my heart becomes softer, I begin to see that the friend’s heart is becoming more and more revealed and I’m able to enter it and unite into a single heart.

When I first begin working with the friend’s heart, I think of him as a stranger. However, with time I begin to see that he isn’t a stranger, but rather a melting pot in which I can melt my heart. By relating to him and by wanting to unite, I’m conducting work on my own heart. In this connection I don’t depend on the friend or on the degree of his openness to me. Rather, I depend on my heart, on the degree that I was able to soften it so that it could enter the “stranger’s heart.”

And in the end of this work, I reveal that neither my heart nor his heart exists, that there is only one heart and one desire, and that it has always been this way. It only seemed to me that these were separate hearts, hearts that were strange and different, distant from each other.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/2011, Shamati No. 86

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