The Book Of Books

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are books written by regular people about sensations in this world. And there are books written by Kabbalists, people who attain the upper world and write about their sensations in spirituality.

These books are called special, sacred books. Sacred (Kadosh) literally translates “separate.” The spiritual world is completely separated from our egoism; therefore, a person who is describing it from his sensations is writing a sacred book: special or separated.

There is one special book out of all the books written throughout history by people with spiritual attainment. In Kabalistic sources it is simply referred to as The Book, with no mention of its name “The Zohar.” This book is so unique that in relation to it other books aren’t even considered a book. This is because it was written by a special group of people who attained all ten of the highest Sefirot in Malchut of the world of Infinity.

The special meeting of these ten individuals occurred approximately 2000 years ago. Nine students along with their teacher Rabbi Shimon retired to a cave in the North of Israel. They stayed there and studied.

This cave is a very special place. When my teacher Rabash and I would go to Tiberias, we often visited this cave. Rabash really loved to be there. He would stand for a few minutes, and it looked like he was somewhere else, as if he left his body. That’s the extent to which he connected to the spiritual force of the ten Sefirot, the ten souls that sat in this cave while revealing the world of Infinity.

By connecting together they attained all 125 spiritual levels, from our world to the world of Infinity. Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that such a high level of attainment by a group of people occurred only once in the entire history because they united and studied together.

Only in the final correction (Gmar Tikkun) will we be able to attain the same level that was attained by this group, and we’ll be able to do so thanks to their unification. They wrote in The Book of Zohar how they were able to unite, what happened as a result, and what was revealed in the connection between them. Therein lies the whole power of The Book of Zohar.

And clearly this Book can give us the greatest force of correction for our souls. That’s why this Book is so important.
From Lesson 2, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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Different in Corporeality, But Equal in Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can women disseminate Kabbalah through music and singing like the men do?

Answer: As the world continues to advance toward spirituality, there will be less difference between men and women. We see that greater equality in spirituality is founded in nature—after all, we’re now approaching unity.

Why was the aspiration to the equality of men and women suddenly revealed in the 20th century? This is because nature is leading us toward unity, and in unity we’re equal. For now it’s happening on the material level, until we begin rising to the spiritual level.

We have to preserve the male and female qualities, which is something we are unable to do in our world. We shouldn’t get confused in thinking that our qualities are equal, but instead see their uniqueness. If we fail to see this difference, we won’t be able to create a correct connection.

Nature is distinctly divided into two sexes and we can’t obscure or overlook this fact. We should only find the correct connection, as the wisdom of Kabbalah explains.

In our everyday life we don’t know how to do this. Therefore, we make so many foolish mistakes that cause families to fall apart, and each person goes where ever they want. But with time, we begin to draw conclusions from these mistakes.

In spirituality we have a precise methodology: The women’s desire has to push the men. The women take part in studying and dissemination. Moreover, a woman’s part in dissemination is greater than that of a man because dissemination resembles birth, meaning that it is inherent specifically to a woman.

Possibly the men execute more, whereas the women do more preparation work. The woman prepares while the man goes out hunting or to discover new continents, and so on. He does this so that he could bring it back to the woman and create a new life.

This is why both men and women must participate in the circulation of Kabbalah. I can’t even imagine how we could exist and present ourselves today without the women. There are many women helping me with work and their help is more significant than that of men. I depend on women much more than on men. This is a force that’s more dedicated, consistent, and irreplaceable.

If I see that women are involved in something, I’m confident in the result. But if only men are involved, it’s questionable! However, this isn’t anyone’s fault or merit; these are simply parts that need to complement one another. A man is always in search of something new; therefore, he isn’t consistent. A woman is more stable, which hinders her personal development. But by uniting together we make it work.
From Lesson 2, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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Tipping The Scale Toward Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I be sure in each given moment that I’m advancing correctly in my Kabbalah study and that I didn’t fall off the path?

Answer: Each moment I have to choose between egoism and the point in the heart, as if I’m on a balanced scale. And each time I have to tip the scale toward the point in the heart and unity. There is no other action besides uniting.

Usually we want to study and carry out various actions. By doing so we’re subconsciously running away from uniting. I experienced this myself. It took a long time for me to start hearing this.

I loved to study, organize the material, and convert it into a methodical system. I did everything imaginable accept for working on unity. The sooner we begin to feel that uniting is our duty and become used to delving into this perception, the sooner this habit will become second nature.

We must constantly train ourselves to want to feel the inner world of our friends, their aspiration toward unity and the Creator. If my aim is within them, I stop noticing what they look like on the outside.

After all, in our own families we don’t pay close attention to the faces of our loved ones. We feel their souls, character, and mood. Similarly, I have to constantly try to feel the friend’s desires aimed at the same goal that I aspire towards. This is the desire I wish to connect with.

It really doesn’t matter what the friends look like and what their personalities are like. I only care about one thing: What is their aspiration? This is most difficult for men, and precisely here lies the essence of their work. For women it is easier to switch to this perception because they pay less attention to the external appearance.
From Lesson 2, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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