Tipping The Scale Toward Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I be sure in each given moment that I’m advancing correctly in my Kabbalah study and that I didn’t fall off the path?

Answer: Each moment I have to choose between egoism and the point in the heart, as if I’m on a balanced scale. And each time I have to tip the scale toward the point in the heart and unity. There is no other action besides uniting.

Usually we want to study and carry out various actions. By doing so we’re subconsciously running away from uniting. I experienced this myself. It took a long time for me to start hearing this.

I loved to study, organize the material, and convert it into a methodical system. I did everything imaginable accept for working on unity. The sooner we begin to feel that uniting is our duty and become used to delving into this perception, the sooner this habit will become second nature.

We must constantly train ourselves to want to feel the inner world of our friends, their aspiration toward unity and the Creator. If my aim is within them, I stop noticing what they look like on the outside.

After all, in our own families we don’t pay close attention to the faces of our loved ones. We feel their souls, character, and mood. Similarly, I have to constantly try to feel the friend’s desires aimed at the same goal that I aspire towards. This is the desire I wish to connect with.

It really doesn’t matter what the friends look like and what their personalities are like. I only care about one thing: What is their aspiration? This is most difficult for men, and precisely here lies the essence of their work. For women it is easier to switch to this perception because they pay less attention to the external appearance.
From Lesson 2, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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