Being Determined On The Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person has an obligation and there can be no excuses or indulgences about carrying it out: One has to take care of the feeling of joy, confidence, and the force that is contained in our environment. One should not express the weakness indecisiveness inherent in him, even though no one has “surfaced from the fog” yet.

One should not express disregard, which comes to us again and again as our egoism grows. I have to work above my ego, constantly radiating confidence, decisiveness on the path, and joy as a sign of the fact that I am in a perfect state.

It might seem like I don’t have anything, but I don’t need anything. I only want to be in the state of pure bestowal. After all, no matter what I acquire, it will belong to my egoism. Only when I detach from it, when I am happy that it is empty and don’t demand any fulfillment for it, then I begin to acquire the spiritual world. This transition is called “spiritual birth.” I very much hope that we won’t forget about this.

Rabash writes the following in the article “A person will help his neighbor”:
Every person has to pay attention and think about how he can help his friend by evoking an uplifted mood in him. With regard to mood, every person can find a place of lack in his friend, which he is able to fulfill.

And in the article “The Purpose of the Group” he writes:
In the society people have to pay extra attention to ensure that carelessness will not enter their environment because it destroys everything.

Whoever disregards anything on the path, at the studies, or in realizing the greatness of the friends and the teacher, that person makes us weaker. Therefore, you should immediately throw him out of the group. He is your greatest enemy. Don’t leave him alone. Let him think about what he is doing, let him apologize, let him understand his problem, and then it will be possible to take him back.

A person who weakens us on the path should not be kept in the group even for a second. By observing this rule, we will definitely reach the goal quickly.
From the 5th lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

From The Virtual Illusion To The Spiritual Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear friends!

All of us together experienced the unforgettable minutes at the WE! Convention that was held in New Jersey. With each convention our connection and the sensation of the entire world group becomes clearer and closer.

But at the same time, there is a need to see and hear all of us simultaneously on one common screen as if we are located all together in one convention hall. I ask all of you to think about this because then we will succeed in creating a program that would be able to accept all the groups and present everyone as if they are together, hearing and seeing the same thing.

We have to create this virtual illusion among us. It will help us to quickly reach the total, spiritual unification of everyone into one desire and one thought, to become one man, Adam.
Dr. Michael Laitman

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A Critical Mass Of The Collective Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understand that gradually, the points in the hearts will become revealed, and all people will come to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Can we say that if at a certain stage a critical mass is reached, the process will become simultaneous rather than gradual?

Answer: It is indeed so. Any organism has a defense mechanism: If a certain percentage of its systems function correctly, the rest recover under their influence. If we achieve our critical mass, the entire world will feel it instantly.

It is as if the waves will wash over people, and they will begin to understand and sense more. They will suddenly see that this is the truth. It will manifest both in their hearts and minds and they will accept it naturally, without knowing where this sensation came from. And it will come from the connection between us.
From Lesson 3, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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Our Strength Is Our Weakness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the women unite their desires in order to “pressure” the men?

Answer: Don’t pressure the men openly. Do you want them to run away from you? Indeed, at home a wife “pressures” her husband quietly, without words, and he does everything that’s needed. Women have it by nature.

And men have this “weakness”: They want to be heroes in the women’s eyes. It gives a woman power to play with this male weakness and direct a man correctly so that he will fulfill her desires. These things are natural and well-known to psychologists.

We are adults and understand our nature well. We have the goal that is above our nature, and we only need to learn how to use all the qualities instilled in us correctly.

If I can advance toward the goal thanks to my wife who encourages me in every possible way, praises me for waking up every morning for the lesson, and is proud of my spiritual achievements, it will definitely help me on the path! After all, a man is like a little boy next to his mother.

The women have to unite their desires for spirituality into one, big, strong desire and pressure “one,” “big,” “aggregate” man. We, the men, hope that we will feel your desire!
From Lesson 3, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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What Is Lacking In The Spiritual Advancement Of The Men?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we try to unite, do the points in the hearts of the women unite between themselves, while the points in the hearts of the men also unite together, or is it not important?

Answer: All the souls connect together because all of us are the single soul. In his articles, Baal HaSulam explains that there is only one soul in the world, which consists of male and female parts. And both of these parts create between themselves the connection that warrants the conception of life.

In our world a man and a woman together give birth to their continuation: sons and daughters. In the spiritual world, by connecting together, we beget our new degree that is also called a “son” or a “daughter.” It turns out that the Creator is between us, as it is said: “Husband and wife and the Shechina between them.” As a result, the three unite and become one whole—and this is our next degree.

Hence, the women face the same task as the men, and even more so because a woman has a Hissaron (unfulfilled desire). She obligates a man to advance, to leave the house and earn a living, to support the family, and be responsible. The same happens in spirituality.

Therefore, we, the men, are very hopeful that the women will take upon themselves the responsibility for our spiritual progress, be more active, and pressure us even more. It’s because the desire comes from the female part, whereas the men realize it. However, without the female desire the men cannot carry it out.

This is why the women have to unite their forces so as to demand from the men that they truly unite between themselves, which will bring the Light to the female desire. Hence, we have to work together.
From Lesson 2, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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Externality Serves Internality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We make many external actions, but what is the right way to behave on the internal level?

Answer: Externally we must only do whatever helps our inner work.

I have to support a normal existence for myself in this world. That is every person’s obligation! However, all my other actions, desires, and thoughts have to be directed to the point of contact with spirituality. According to that, I have to check in the group, at home, at work, and with myself: What am I doing with my life?

The science of Kabbalah does not require a person to be an angel. But a person who wants to advance has to look for means to increase his efforts and strengthen connections in order to advance faster and more efficiently.

In essence, there is no incident, action, or event in a person’s life that could not be used to benefit his spiritual development. He only has to know how to realize it because there is nothing accidental. Everything has a reason: It all comes from above intentionally and on purpose. You only have to be attentive to the game that the Creator is playing with us. If we don’t think deeply about what is happening to us, then we end up ignoring what the Creator is trying to say to us!

In other words, nature (or the Creator, which is the same thing, one law and plan) awakens new information, Reshimot in us at every moment. These Reshimot are dysfunctional and we have to bring them back – from the left side and the right – to the point of unity. I must constantly check whether my intention is correct, and this is my entire work.

If I am focused on this in my desire and thought, then I can work at any job for any number of hours, and carry out any actions. This does not bother me!
From the 3rd lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

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Revealing The Spiritual Dimension

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe right intention is the most important thing we need while reading The Book of Zohar. If a person leaves the intention, then the book does not work on him. There are many sayings and Kabbalistic articles on this topic, but in short Baal HaSulam writes the following.

The Creator deliberately created our ego, which divides between us. If we ascend above our ego and unite with one another, then the ego itself remains. We do not work on it, but only connect among us above it. Then the entire power and resistance of our ego, which obstructs us from connecting with each other, turns into the might of our unity.

That is how a resistor (resistance) works in an electrical circuit. When we let an electric current through it, then precisely this resistance is where we create the pressure that turns on an engine or any electrical device.

We need this resistance so that in opposition to it we could let the force of our unity through it. Then the might of our unity which we receive, reveals the spiritual world to us.

If we did not have this resistance between us, the way it was at the beginning of creation when we were all connected together directly, then we would remain on the same level – we would not perceive ourselves.

However, precisely because the resistance formed between us, which is our ego that separates us, and now we begin to unite, the might we receive by letting the force of our unity pass through the resistance, is what reveals the spiritual world to us. Then we ascend up 125 levels of our unity, against egoism, until we extract the entire infinite might from this common resistance.

The Book of Zohar holds precisely the Light that can give us the force to overcome the resistance, to unite with one another and inside the connection between us to reveal the entire spiritual dimension. Therein lies our work with The Book of Zohar.
From the 4th lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

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A New Type Of Disciples – Laitman Unplugged

A Ladder Into The Sky

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe name Baal HaSulam means “Owner of the Ladder” in Hebrew. He received this name because of the title of the “Sulam (Ladder) Commentary on the Book of Zohar” which he wrote.

As he says, the revelation of this book, as well as the fact that he was able to create a commentary on the entire Book of Zohar is a sign that the generation is already worthy of correction, the revelation of spirituality to the masses, and with the dissemination of The Book of Zohar the whole world will come closer to correction.

When Baal HaSulam published The Zohar with the Sulam Commentary, his students walked around the streets carrying volumes of this book, going to different places in an attempt to disseminate it. It was very difficult. People were afraid of The Book of Zohar because there were rumors that this book is very special, that is has enormous power, and is able to bring benefit as well as harm.

Only in our time, 60 or 70 years after the Sulam Commentary was created, we are presenting The Zohar to the world in an adapted form that makes it accessible for the wide masses so that everyone could read it and enjoy it.
From the 4th lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

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Nature Is Above Logic

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are being given an example of how the world can change. A half a million people gather at the main square of a nation’s capital and demand a new government. Their protest causes the government to collapse. Could anyone believe this would be possible? After all, this is above logic!

This is a very good example of what can happen to any government. If this happened with the dictatorships in East Africa or in Asia, then it can certainly occur in Europe and in the US. It merely seems to us that is won’t come to pass.

Currently our nature is revealing a new means for social change, and it will lead to a great deal of turbulence. We think: How could people switch from an egoistic consumer society, such as it is in the US, to a society based on equal distribution? The government can’t do it because it is tied down by obligations toward everyone that supports it. It has to provide them with the promised standard of living and therefore can’t change itself or its life philosophy.

But when a half a million people come out to protest, a government collapses. It’s not due to the lack of power because the dictators have enough power to destroy the protestors with a couple of bombs. However, they’re unable to do so because nature has already changed, the society has evolved, and the times are different. There’re things a person can’t do not even knowing why.

This is how it happens and hence great changes are awaiting us.
From Lesson 2, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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