Externality Serves Internality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We make many external actions, but what is the right way to behave on the internal level?

Answer: Externally we must only do whatever helps our inner work.

I have to support a normal existence for myself in this world. That is every person’s obligation! However, all my other actions, desires, and thoughts have to be directed to the point of contact with spirituality. According to that, I have to check in the group, at home, at work, and with myself: What am I doing with my life?

The science of Kabbalah does not require a person to be an angel. But a person who wants to advance has to look for means to increase his efforts and strengthen connections in order to advance faster and more efficiently.

In essence, there is no incident, action, or event in a person’s life that could not be used to benefit his spiritual development. He only has to know how to realize it because there is nothing accidental. Everything has a reason: It all comes from above intentionally and on purpose. You only have to be attentive to the game that the Creator is playing with us. If we don’t think deeply about what is happening to us, then we end up ignoring what the Creator is trying to say to us!

In other words, nature (or the Creator, which is the same thing, one law and plan) awakens new information, Reshimot in us at every moment. These Reshimot are dysfunctional and we have to bring them back – from the left side and the right – to the point of unity. I must constantly check whether my intention is correct, and this is my entire work.

If I am focused on this in my desire and thought, then I can work at any job for any number of hours, and carry out any actions. This does not bother me!
From the 3rd lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

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