Revealing The Spiritual Dimension

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe right intention is the most important thing we need while reading The Book of Zohar. If a person leaves the intention, then the book does not work on him. There are many sayings and Kabbalistic articles on this topic, but in short Baal HaSulam writes the following.

The Creator deliberately created our ego, which divides between us. If we ascend above our ego and unite with one another, then the ego itself remains. We do not work on it, but only connect among us above it. Then the entire power and resistance of our ego, which obstructs us from connecting with each other, turns into the might of our unity.

That is how a resistor (resistance) works in an electrical circuit. When we let an electric current through it, then precisely this resistance is where we create the pressure that turns on an engine or any electrical device.

We need this resistance so that in opposition to it we could let the force of our unity through it. Then the might of our unity which we receive, reveals the spiritual world to us.

If we did not have this resistance between us, the way it was at the beginning of creation when we were all connected together directly, then we would remain on the same level – we would not perceive ourselves.

However, precisely because the resistance formed between us, which is our ego that separates us, and now we begin to unite, the might we receive by letting the force of our unity pass through the resistance, is what reveals the spiritual world to us. Then we ascend up 125 levels of our unity, against egoism, until we extract the entire infinite might from this common resistance.

The Book of Zohar holds precisely the Light that can give us the force to overcome the resistance, to unite with one another and inside the connection between us to reveal the entire spiritual dimension. Therein lies our work with The Book of Zohar.
From the 4th lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

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