What Is Lacking In The Spiritual Advancement Of The Men?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we try to unite, do the points in the hearts of the women unite between themselves, while the points in the hearts of the men also unite together, or is it not important?

Answer: All the souls connect together because all of us are the single soul. In his articles, Baal HaSulam explains that there is only one soul in the world, which consists of male and female parts. And both of these parts create between themselves the connection that warrants the conception of life.

In our world a man and a woman together give birth to their continuation: sons and daughters. In the spiritual world, by connecting together, we beget our new degree that is also called a “son” or a “daughter.” It turns out that the Creator is between us, as it is said: “Husband and wife and the Shechina between them.” As a result, the three unite and become one whole—and this is our next degree.

Hence, the women face the same task as the men, and even more so because a woman has a Hissaron (unfulfilled desire). She obligates a man to advance, to leave the house and earn a living, to support the family, and be responsible. The same happens in spirituality.

Therefore, we, the men, are very hopeful that the women will take upon themselves the responsibility for our spiritual progress, be more active, and pressure us even more. It’s because the desire comes from the female part, whereas the men realize it. However, without the female desire the men cannot carry it out.

This is why the women have to unite their forces so as to demand from the men that they truly unite between themselves, which will bring the Light to the female desire. Hence, we have to work together.
From Lesson 2, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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  1. How do the women apply this pressure correctly? How can it be done incorrectly? Is it simply a matter of intention?

  2. What about if a women is not married ?

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