Our Strength Is Our Weakness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the women unite their desires in order to “pressure” the men?

Answer: Don’t pressure the men openly. Do you want them to run away from you? Indeed, at home a wife “pressures” her husband quietly, without words, and he does everything that’s needed. Women have it by nature.

And men have this “weakness”: They want to be heroes in the women’s eyes. It gives a woman power to play with this male weakness and direct a man correctly so that he will fulfill her desires. These things are natural and well-known to psychologists.

We are adults and understand our nature well. We have the goal that is above our nature, and we only need to learn how to use all the qualities instilled in us correctly.

If I can advance toward the goal thanks to my wife who encourages me in every possible way, praises me for waking up every morning for the lesson, and is proud of my spiritual achievements, it will definitely help me on the path! After all, a man is like a little boy next to his mother.

The women have to unite their desires for spirituality into one, big, strong desire and pressure “one,” “big,” “aggregate” man. We, the men, hope that we will feel your desire!
From Lesson 3, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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