A Critical Mass Of The Collective Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understand that gradually, the points in the hearts will become revealed, and all people will come to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Can we say that if at a certain stage a critical mass is reached, the process will become simultaneous rather than gradual?

Answer: It is indeed so. Any organism has a defense mechanism: If a certain percentage of its systems function correctly, the rest recover under their influence. If we achieve our critical mass, the entire world will feel it instantly.

It is as if the waves will wash over people, and they will begin to understand and sense more. They will suddenly see that this is the truth. It will manifest both in their hearts and minds and they will accept it naturally, without knowing where this sensation came from. And it will come from the connection between us.
From Lesson 3, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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  1. When we say critical mass, what is that really? Does this represent the representatives of the Upper World had altogether connected already?

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