Being Determined On The Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person has an obligation and there can be no excuses or indulgences about carrying it out: One has to take care of the feeling of joy, confidence, and the force that is contained in our environment. One should not express the weakness indecisiveness inherent in him, even though no one has “surfaced from the fog” yet.

One should not express disregard, which comes to us again and again as our egoism grows. I have to work above my ego, constantly radiating confidence, decisiveness on the path, and joy as a sign of the fact that I am in a perfect state.

It might seem like I don’t have anything, but I don’t need anything. I only want to be in the state of pure bestowal. After all, no matter what I acquire, it will belong to my egoism. Only when I detach from it, when I am happy that it is empty and don’t demand any fulfillment for it, then I begin to acquire the spiritual world. This transition is called “spiritual birth.” I very much hope that we won’t forget about this.

Rabash writes the following in the article “A person will help his neighbor”:
Every person has to pay attention and think about how he can help his friend by evoking an uplifted mood in him. With regard to mood, every person can find a place of lack in his friend, which he is able to fulfill.

And in the article “The Purpose of the Group” he writes:
In the society people have to pay extra attention to ensure that carelessness will not enter their environment because it destroys everything.

Whoever disregards anything on the path, at the studies, or in realizing the greatness of the friends and the teacher, that person makes us weaker. Therefore, you should immediately throw him out of the group. He is your greatest enemy. Don’t leave him alone. Let him think about what he is doing, let him apologize, let him understand his problem, and then it will be possible to take him back.

A person who weakens us on the path should not be kept in the group even for a second. By observing this rule, we will definitely reach the goal quickly.
From the 5th lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11


  1. Do we really need to kick anyone out of the group who is negative even for a second? Seems a bit harsh… Everyone messes up sometimes and allows some negativity to surface in the group (I am definitely guilty of this) but it seems a bit harsh and overly judgmental to just throw someone out of the group. Is this more of an exaggeration which points to the importance of staying positive about the goal and the friends or is it meant literally? I feel like I’m going to be thrown out of the group soon!

  2. Kabbalah makes a nice parallel with Torah Knowledge. Torah allows for the guilty party to be restored upon leaving (repenting) of his egoistic offense and coming back to the “fold” .

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