Inspire And Impress The Friends!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the last workshop there was a very strong feeling of absolute confidence and joy among the friends. Is this the essence of the male mutual guarantee? Do all my actions regarding the friends have to make them feel this way?

Answer: The right awakening of the friends to the upper spiritual goal is when you show that you are in it and it fills you with great joy, pleasure, and enthusiasm; it gives them a huge charge of energy when you are serious and happily value the group you are in; when you fill the friends with great attentiveness, and all this comes back to you. What is more, it comes back to you in a much greater form.

You shouldn’t make any other calculations here. Try to feel this all the time. If you feel that they treat you disrespectfully, what difference does it make? The Creator arranges things that way for you on purpose. You should work and that’s it. Be smart and outwit the Creator.

Question: Still, I want to understand the concept of mutual guarantee more deeply. What is it?

Answer: Mutual guarantee is when you feel that you are responsible for the fact that all the friends should reach the goal. You feel that you can do that and that it depends only on you.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 4

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