Concealment For The Sake Of Revelation

Dr. Michael LaitmanConcealment begins when I perceive that it conceals the importance of the group and the Creator from me. Gradually, however, I begin to feel that the concealment supports me. This means that I feel that the concealment is sweet. I feel that this exile that cuts me off from the Upper Light and prevents me from contacting the Creator, from feeling Him is in my favor!

Then this exile becomes sweet since it is by that, by working with it, that I develop my vessels more, form relationships with others and increase my understanding of the Creator. Thus I turn the Holy shadow into revelation. The Masach (screen) that conceals becomes a Masach that reveals.

There is another shadow called the shadow of the Sitra Achra, of the Klipot (shells). When I am in that shadow, I feel that I am in concealment and that I cannot connect to the Creator. I cannot do anything, since I am detached from the goal in that state. This is why this shadow is called the shadow of the Sitra Achra. The Sitra Achra is any state in which I don’t feel that I am connected to the Creator, but that I am drawn to the opposite side, only in the direction of my desire to receive.

This difference between the shadow of Holiness and the shadow of the Sitra Achra is the difference between all the states in which we find ourselves. We have to constantly feel absolutely confident that we are in Ein Sof (Infinity) and that the Creator wants to be fully revealed among us. The problem is only that we feel the concealment which we have to develop even more in order to turn it eventually into a revelation. Then “and the shadows flee” (“Song of Songs”), they will turn into a Masach by which I will be able to relate to the Creator as He relates to me.

So all we have to practically do is to constantly focus ourselves on the Creator. My reality totally depends on Him. Everything that I receive I receive from Him. On the one hand, I receive a feeling from Him which may be unpleasant, but I have to tie myself to the Creator as to the good and the benevolent. I can do that only if I acquire the right attitude towards Him called the intention of in order to bestow.

Although I may feel bad in different discernments, the moment I want to justify the Creator and to treat Him with love, I acquire the intention of in order to bestow by doing so. This intention of in order to bestow allows me to turn my feeling of suffering into a sweet good feeling.

The intention by which I connect to the Creator sweetens all the bad feelings in my desire to receive. I begin to feel the emptiness or the suffering in my desire to receive as essential. It is on top of this emptiness that I build myself a new world with the intention of in order to bestow.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/06/13, Shamati #8 “What Is the Difference Between a Shade of Kedusha and a Shade of Sitra Achra”

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