Quantity That Develops Into A New Quality

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe desire to receive can be changed in size (in its density), beginning from the root level to the fourth level. And each one of them is divided further and further into sub-levels, and therefore ends with 125 degrees or levels. And everything in our world is also measured according to size, according to quantity, and the quantity influences the quality.

If we take some substance for example, its characteristics are established by the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons within the atom. The quality of the substance depends upon their quantity. If we add electrons, we get a new substance.

That is what happens with the still substance and the same thing can be related to plants, animals, and humans. For us it is more difficult to identify this in regard to our sensations, but this is so. Everything depends on how much effort we make, on the number of details that we gather from them. Therefore it is said, “There is none as wise as the experienced,” because he adds details all the time, until he attains a new quality, a new comprehension and feeling.

Everything depends on the simplest actions. Nothing exists in reality besides reception and bestowal. And in fact even bestowal doesn’t exist; rather, there is reception that transforms into bestowal thanks to intention. Everything is built on “plus” and “minus.”

Therefore all of the work is to constantly add quantity. And the quantity that is gathered begins to demand a new quality, an understanding of why and for what am I doing this. Questions begin to be awakened that bring us to more qualitative actions on a new level already. But also to them we need to add more and more quantity until we reach a new quality.

Through our actions we attract the Light that Reforms that acts all the time and adds a further drop of change all the time. At the end of the matter, “many pennies accumulate into a large sum ” until we reach the ability to carry out intentional actions that are measured not according to the actions themselves but according to the intention.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/13

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