Spiritual Vaccination

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur spiritual work according to the method that we receive from studying Kabbalah is similar to a medical vaccination against a disease, when a healthy body is “given” a little bit of disease: The body produces antibodies and can resist the disease.

Similarly, our desire is vaccinated against egoism: We reveal its evil in advance before its full manifestation. This is done through the group work, by drawing the upper correcting Light in which we gradually discover our egoistic properties as evil. And a person does not go by the path of suffering from egoism to health, the property of bestowal and love of other; but restricting his egoism in advance, working against it in the group and studying, under the influence of OM, he goes towards the goal, similarity with the Creator, i.e., the revelation of the Creator within himself, by a short path of correction Achishena, experiencing the disease in its small manifestation within himself, voluntarily.

Humanity needs to recognize its natural egoism as a disease. Nature shows its defect on us ourselves. Long suffering is required to identify the disease and how to cure it.

Kabbalah offers a short and kind path to correction instead of this long and unkind path. But even in advance, still at the early stage of its development, we need to recognize it as evil, which we need to get rid of, to realize the need to be vaccinated, i.e., to go through it in a small dose and never get sick again, to become healthy, build a new life.

The essence of dissemination is to gradually explain to people what the cause of their troubles is, our egoistic nature, and how to heal it by means of the method of a simple “vaccination.”

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  1. If I’m not part of a group but follow you virtually, is my effort to keep Him in my intention when interacting with regular people considered bestowal or dissemination at all? I’m not a qualified teacher. I’ve found no group. My financial situation is weak. Is my virtual connection with BB enough to make my effort to keep the intention pleasing to Him? If I can’t bring contentment to Him then what can I do?

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