Responsible For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the future of humanity because every day it feels itself more and more confused? Underneath the external bravado there are small, perplexed people who don’t know what to do. They rush from side to side, trying to eliminate the causes of all the problems: social, political, economic, and environmental. And the problems will keep on growing because at the center of them is the human being who is not adapted to the new system, a new world.

That is why we are faced with an enormous task of telling humanity about the new world and how to match it. We have to feel responsible for this.

There is no need to wait until suffering accelerates the development of humanity; on the contrary, it slows down this process. People hide from suffering, shrink, and can accept nothing. Instead of expanding, understanding, and correcting, people begin to regress backward. Only the proper awareness of the problems will speed up their development. That is why we need to make every effort to bring our message to humanity.

Integral education, integral upbringing, the integrality of all the levels, sectors, nations, and states is the future of humanity; there is no other method. It depends only on us, our global group, which way will take there: being forced or by a kind and short path. Therefore, I urge you to think about this and develop clear plans for our dissemination.

Dissemination consists of two systems:

1. Internal dissemination: the connection between us who study the science of Kabbalah and strive towards unity, as well as between us and the world;

2. External dissemination: through the Internet, books, lectures, workshops, etc.

But one should not be at the expense of the other! The proportion should be the following: internally, we have to expand constantly educating teachers and organizers. Hundreds of thousands, millions of people will need us!

You will soon see that this need will arise. Even today, if we were ready, we could find the employment of our forces in the field of integral education. You can do everything! You have no idea how important each of you are to the world! You have to bring yourselves up as teachers of the world. This is the guarantee of the good future of humanity.

I hope that we will be able to bring a new approach to the world, especially through our inner part, through internal dissemination, through the common network, linking all the people in the world. It depends only on us. And here of course, our personal obstacles will either help us or hinder us from accomplishing this mission.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/9/12, Lesson 6

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  1. So how do we stop our personal problems hindering us ?

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