Go Along With Everyone Or You Will Get Another Round

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person has no right to cut himself off from society and ask only for himself, even if he has the best intention to bring contentment to the Creator. By a private prayer or by crying alone, we don’t help in any way, but only harm ourselves and others.

Now, imagine how many corruptions we have caused during exile. Everything was in order to discover our evil and understand that correction is only possible by connection. Exile was necessary in order to find out where the place of correction is and to advance from an individual prayer to the prayer of many.

Every desire in the heart is called a prayer. A prayer is the work in the heart. If every request went through society, it would be accepted. We already would be in a totally different state, in absolute rest and abundance. However, because our requests—all the desires a person feels, as well as those he doesn’t feel—don’t go through the connection between us, they harm us, and they first harm the one who makes the request.

We should understand how serious the situation is since we all are connected by one network that now is being revealed in the world as the one, connected, integral system. In this state, we clearly see that we cannot break free of this system and that we must be part of it. The time that was allocated for the recognition of evil is over. From now on, we will get to know evil by blows on different levels or by starting to act according to the network that is revealed between us.

A person should picture this very clearly and as a very serious caution, we mustn’t ask by ourselves, although we really feel like it! It is our evil inclination that is opposite from the Creator. The ego is our desire to attain the Creator but in order to rule by ourselves.

The desire, “I will rule,” is not aimed against the Creator, but against society, against the group. The evil inclination is our desire to turn to the Creator by ourselves and ask for our personal success. We all have this desire. We are ready to pray, to ask, to recognize the power of the upper, to recognize His domination over us, but the entire problem of the exile in Egypt is that each one begins to feel that he is detached from others.

This is the sin of the sons of Jacob, the reason for their hatred toward their younger brother Joseph. Joseph wanted to collect all the brothers together and connect them, but they wanted to remain separate. They didn’t understand that there must be a middle line, connection, and so they had to enter the exile in Egypt and by the path of suffering discover the need for brotherly connection.

Only after they had recognized evil, after long years of exile, were they rewarded with receiving the Torah. This was the entire purpose for the round they made in exile in Egypt.

The entire process of evolution in the upper worlds and in our world, the whole game, is only about connection. So, I am very happy that today we already can speak about that, and understand the need for it and feel this issue closely.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/5/13, Writings of Rabash

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