Awakening An Appetite For The Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our world, there are a multitude of deficiencies (desires) and we are constantly looking for how to fulfill them. And it is in the spiritual world that they are all fulfilled, but it is up to us to find the deficiency for them. So, how can I create a deficiency for the convention to get fulfillment from it?

Answer: You need to describe the fulfillment to yourself, what kind of pleasure (fulfillment) there is for which I need to design a deficiency now. This requires work.

In our world, everything is constructed so that we will advance. You get a deficiency that forces you to run after its fulfillment, but the moment that the fulfillment touches the deficiency, the deficiency immediately disappears, and this awakens a new deficiency in us. Everything is constructed this way in order to bring you to the path of suffering (Beito), the growth of the ego.

Every time, a greater and greater ego is awakened in you, making you run after its pleasure. You meet this and your deficiency disappears; so it goes, again and again. So, the ego is growing more and more; it is a natural developmental process.

There is also pleasure in the spiritual world. We are found in a sea of Light, but we cannot approach this sea of Light with our egoistic Kli (vessel), desire. This is because the moment that the egoistic Kli touches the Light, the Kli disappears. So, we require a Kli of bestowal to be in contact with the sea of Light and to be fulfilled by it. We are included in it because our desires become like the Light.

The Kli and the Light become included in each other. That is how you enter into the spiritual world. The entire sea transforms into Surrounding Light, and what enters into your Kli transforms into your inner Light. You are found in the same state in both the physical world and the spiritual world.

The difference is that in the physical world, your deficiency disappears immediately the moment that it contacts the Light, like in a short circuit. Because your Kli is the opposite of the Light, it is annihilated immediately when it encounters this, and in the spiritual world, your deficiency is like the Light so that you can advance and develop it.

So, in order to advance spiritually, we must describe the expected pleasure and understand what the appropriate deficiency for it is. Even in corporeality we do the same thing. We dream about the expected pleasure in the future and stimulate ourselves. From the start, we form within us a deficiency in just the same way that we would excite our appetite before going to a feast.

That is exactly what needs to be done regarding a convention. Think about what you want to get from this, what kind of fulfillment, what attainments, and what kind of effort all of us want to make there, how to be included with everyone and receive help from everyone. This complex is the confluence of a lot of pain, tension, and mighty efforts by thousands of people throughout the world.

At the time of the convention, all of our friends in the world will be gathered in order to participate together with us. Also, at the convention there is much work to be done nonstop, day and night. Everyone is looking forward to this convention with great hope that we will succeed in connecting and ultimately feeling this mutual connection and within this connection, discovering the characteristic of mutual bestowal, and in that, at least a little, we will succeed in feeling the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/13, Writings of Rabash

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