First And Foremost!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should know that everything depends only on our preparation. All the states are already prepared in advance and are registered for every day during the 6,000 years. The timetable of 6,000 years is called the “the press of evolution,” which pressures us and pushes us forward thus forcing us to perform all the actions that were prepared “in its time.”

But all our work is to move from the natural path of our evolution (“in its time”) to the path of the Light, of hastening time (“I shall hasten it”). By that we don’t follow the calendar by advancing from one day to the next automatically, but we advance only according to our preparation.

“I shall hasten it” is cleared only by our preparation and not in the state itself. We can say to what degree we are in the state of “I shall hasten it,” which means to what extent we are working in spirituality, according to the efforts that we make in order to attain a new state.

The spiritual work is done according to the action that comes from Above. It is very important to emphasize that everything is measured by the preparation that precedes the action: what we did, how much we did, what efforts we made, how we climbed up the King’s mountain, and what we did for Him, for the group, for the friends. All this comes first and foremost!

Thanks to our preparation we reach the desirable state, which we didn’t really understand. We simply determined that we want to reach it and it didn’t even matter that we couldn’t imagine it. It is because you cannot know what a certain state is before you reach it.

Therefore the preparation is so important and we need to do everything that we can. And what you have to do will become clear in the process: what exertion you have to make and how to fill your measure. A moment before that we don’t even know that it is about to happen.

Only at the end when we complete all the work we have to do, does a special action called “Rav pealim mekabtziel” arrive, which is like the end of correction, but with regard to the current vessels that we have prepared. This action connects all our small actions into one big account (as it says: “many pennies add up to a large account”) and then the next level is revealed. It is a small personal level of our correction, but it is the same process as in the general end of correction.
From the Talk About the Preparations for the Congress of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/13

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