The Convention In St. Petersburg: A Jump Begins With A Running Start

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreparation is the key to success!

  • From this moment, I have to imagine the convention in its ideal form. What do I need to do this? Gathering of friends—what should they be? Emotional experiences—what kind and by what external means can we achieve them? Lectures—on what topic? Perhaps, I will recommend my own. What questions do I prepare; what would I like to ask after the lectures and workshops? How do I connect with everyone? How am I getting ready to perceive everyone? As a guest? As a host? As a friend? As a student? As a teacher? As a servant? Who am I in relation to everyone? And how should I behave in each state of this spectrum?
  • I am working on what is the most difficult for me. For example, if I do not like to dance with everyone all together, then I prepare myself to participate in this in advance, sparing no efforts and pressuring myself with all my strength.
  • I will try to stay in the correct intention constantly, to hold myself in it all the time because everyone depends on my intention. It is true that I transfer the Light through my thin “pipe” to them and thus I have to stay “online” constantly. I need to talk to my group of ten: everyone supports everyone else, so that none of use loses this “pipe.” We share it, and we want to turn it into a wide channel of communication for the entire convention.
  • I am concerned that no one is disconnected from the right intention—concerned to the point of inner trembling, in fear and anxiety. When something happens to the baby, it is a disaster for us, the “end of the world.” Now, I worry even more. The problem is that this fear is not in our hands; we cannot feel it well; we are not sensitive to the detachment from intention. So, I should be literally in a fever, shaking with fear for everyone so that they do not lose the intention. Success depends on this.
  • No matter what the friends do, no matter what they say, what songs they sing, I want everything to turn out for them as it should. I constantly worry and care about them as the mother of a baby who started doing something. I look at him with anxiety—if only he will succeed. It is said about this, “a concern in one’s heart, let him tell it to others.” My concern is transmitted to all.
  • I try to come as early as possible in the morning to prepare everything, to speed up everything, and to start uniting with the friends, to sit and sing together even there are only fifty people, but we are already starting to fill the “space” of the conventions with our feeling.
  • Each time, on the way to the convention and back, I try to make sure that none of my friends lose the mood, the intensity.
  • The gathering of friends must be moving, emotional, as much as possible to prepare us for the lectures, talks, or workshops that will follow them. This is very important. All the speeches and songs should have a clear program and in the right proportion. The gatherings may not be long, but should be heart-felt. Without this preparation, a person will not be able to be included in the overall atmosphere, to the “air” of the convention, which should be breathed in, lived. The main thing is to affect and touch everyone. We need to think seriously how to achieve this.
  • We need to find a mutual feeling, a mutual heart—obtained with the help of mind. We are rationally working on the feeling to become united.


From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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