Before The Dawn

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do I have to prepare for the convention in St. Petersburg so that I arrive there already with the right idea of the next degree in which I am connected with everyone?

Answer: No, I have nothing to take with me. Preparation is the process of building of the next degree, not it itself. It does not exist yet and I build it as if I prepare food to serve it on a festive table. I form the state of unity in which we will reveal the upper force together, between us.

If at “night,” in detachment from spirituality, we had not prepared the vessels of the “midnight” interaction (Zivug) of the parental Partzufim Aba ve-Ima, we would not have come to the “morning” state. In spirituality, I build everything myself because my reality, my states, the change of night and day, are determined by my current perception.

In fact, I am in the world of Infinity but the “curtain has been lowered” before me, and I am left in the dark, in contraction, so that I myself would open, take off this cover, according to my internal preparation.

Thus, preparation is a real job. We become familiar with the materials and songs of the convention in advance, with its program, with all its details to prepare for the action internally. At the convention, I am going to perform an action of unity and that is why I need to work on it constantly.

It always happens like this; when going to where I really would like to be, I’m kind of already there.

On the other hand, if I am just waiting for the convention, hoping that everything will happen by itself, then my expectations will be in vain. Nothing will happen without preparation, and in preparing,  I have to understand that right now, every moment, I build and form a decisive action.

In spirituality, without these preparatory steps, without the complete process of “building,” there is only an empty place and as in fairy tales, the goal moves away from me no matter how much I run after it. This is the fate of those who “wait” as opposed to those who can build their own future and come to it.

The concept of the “Creator” (Boreh) means “Come and see” (bo-reh in Hebrew). I have to correct my vessels, desires; this is the only way. Thus, preparation is the correction of the vessels in the dark, “before the dawn.” Otherwise I will stay in the dark.

Moreover, the feeling of the “evening,” the gathering of darkness, is possible only after the correct “afternoon” work, when light and shadow are beginning to mix, and it is more difficult to distinguish them because a new desire is revealed in me. And it is revealed because during the “day” I have prepared myself for the “night.” Thus, this sequence of days and nights continues.

We have to treat preparation in the most attentive manner. Moments, devoid of any use, are stretched into hours, days, and months, which we do not use properly. I know this for myself: Only later you discover how much you have missed… So, now, we must not miss our chance and achieve the desired.
From the Talk About the Preparation for the Convention in St. Petersburg 6/26/13

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