The Outlines Of Darkness And Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn our work, preparation is extremely important. It determines the outcome. It does not matter what you study or how much you know. The main thing is to prepare oneself, that is, to change one’s vessel, the desire, so as to feel the upper world instead of this world.

Nothing changes but yourself, and then you find out that the upper world is here, that it has always been here. Do you want paradise, here you go. Do you want hell, here you go. Take what you want, it all depends on your vessel.

It’s as if there is a “control” before you which you can rotate in either direction and it changes your world from one extreme to another, from one end of the scale to the other. You seemingly scroll a sequence of images in your computer.

All this is inside, in you, everything is outlined on a background of white light. The light itself is not knowable, as well as the darkness, we only see one against the other. Our present life is the minimally discernible contours of this picture…
From the Talk About the Preparation for the Convention in St. Petersburg 6/26/13

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