The Convention By Our Own Efforts

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe two current conventions, Krasnoyarsk and St. Petersburg, mark the beginning of a new stage. From now on, we start practical preparation for unification on a new degree.

If any of our circles around the world do not participate in the process, this will throw them aside and we cannot afford this. Of course, we do not “attack” anyone, do not impose any uncompromising requirements; however, we need to understand that we need to unite in the near future. All our studies, our entire path, the entire correction, is directed towards unity. And we should gradually, say in six months, bring everyone to this state.

Currently, we are becoming involved in a full-scale preparation before the convention in St. Petersburg. It should be the result of joint preparation, which we have not had as yet. We need to feel it “first-hand,” to feel it with “every fiber of the soul.” Our entire life, the whole world, the current reality, is a preparation to the final correction. It’s said that he who did not labor, did not prepare himself for the Sabbath in advance, what is he going to eat on the Sabbath? In essence, the entire period of six thousand years is preparation, meaning the addition of vessels, desires, which we first cleanse from egoism and then correct for receiving in order to bestow.

I address everyone: Now we apply more efforts in preparation for the convention and have to become familiar with what awaits us there in advance. The convention theme, its exact schedule, songs and events, all of this relates to preparation. Our groups around the world have to know what will take place in St. Petersburg during the three days.

Then, they will be able to plan their time in advance and organize so as to not sit in front of the screen in anticipation of something new. It’s bad if new things for us are formal, “technical” elements. We need no external surprises, but only internal ones. That’s why the more we become familiar with the external elements, the better it will be.

We need to translate the songs and slogans of the convention into the major languages. Everyone should know in advance the organizational details, program, plan of the premises, themes for the gathering of friends, every detail. This will be the “infrastructure” of the preparation process.

We have to build intentions above it, to read certain materials, listen to special music, etc. We need no surprises. If a person likes something, he can listen to it with pleasure a hundred times and not even reject the one hundred and first time. It’s the repetition that forms the vessel. If it brings no pleasure the first time, it will come when there are already the Reshimot that are filled. It’s said, “I will eat what I have stored in advance.” A breakthrough success in the crucial moment is possible only due to careful preparation.

So far, we have taken a tiny benefit from our meetings because we did not prepare ourselves as needed. This time, if the preparation is right, you will feel how effective the convention can be. Getting ready, we are building our collective vessel and our efforts in this are the basis of future unity.

Conversely, having arrived at the convention without preparation, I say hello, wave to the friends, and will remain alone among the “external noise.” Without prior preparation I will not be able to feel myself integrated in the two thousand people and through them in the other two million. That’s why there is just one risk, that instead of preparation you “plunge” into anticipation. These are two diametrically opposite things.

We are talking about a key psychological moment. I am not counting on any circumstances, I do not tell myself, “There will be a day, there will be food.” No, I myself prepare the food for this day; otherwise, I will be hungry because then it will be too late. I know exactly what to expect, what I will need in relation to details, in all subtleties. I work for six days and then the Sabbath comes.

If our conversations “motivate” you only to sit and wait for something, then at the convention our “table” will be empty. So, I do not wait for anything, do not hope for anything, but prepare all the necessary things. And then I am confident of success.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/25/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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